Friday, October 29, 2010


You can recycle your Propeller chip projects from one to the next, exploiting green Earth technology in the process. This is an example list of starting small and increasing to progressively larger machines. However, as these machines become larger, it takes longer times to recycle and rebuild. (I'm still working on the Progression Machine, beyond the 40-Prop Barrier.) See the examples below.

List of Recycled Propeller Green Machines
This is simply to show that by recycling, it's possible to more economically build projects with increasingly larger numbers of prop chips. Not only are parts recycled, but technology too.

01) PEK 1
02) MC Computer
03) LED Machine
04) 2-Proper 2 props, 1 PEK, 1 on same breadboard, 2-Prop-Experiment
05) Spark 2
2 props, 1 Proto Board & 1 in parallel
06) PiggyTwins
2 props, 1 piggybacked on another
07) Dueling Breadboards
2 props, one on ea., f/interface tests
08) Spark 4 Tiny Tim, 4 props, two proto boards w/2 props on ea
09) Spark 5 5 props stacked Proto Boards
10) Spark 6 6 props 3 proto boards 2 props on each
11) Spark 8 Tertiary ADJUNCT, 8 props 4 proto boards 2 props on each
12) Propalot 10 props on solderless breadboard
13) Spark 10 10 props, 5 proto boards w/10 props total
14) TTB Test Bed of Ten
10 props single board
15) Twelvenator Board of Twelve, 12 props green board
16) UltraSpark 15 15 props, interrupted stack Proto Boards
17) Tertiary 20 20 props, 15 proto boards stacked 5 props
18) UltraSpark 20
20 props stacked
19) Boe-Bot Brain Project
20 props as Brain on Boe-Bot
20) MLEPS Super Language Machine 25 props
21) UltraSpark40 Supermicrocontroller 40 props 320 cores, 6,400/8,320 MIPS
Smartest Boe0Bot Brain Temp Experiment40 props, US40, 1 BOE, 321C 

*This is a partial list of Propeller projects that were built leading up to the UltraSpark40 Machine. Some projects have lots of documentation and others not because of rapid development time. Photos were take of most projects in their unique configurations. There may be gaps in the Spark and UltraSpark series because some of indice were test beds existing a fleeting time for testing purposes.