Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big Brain Future

When Big Brain Consolidation is completed, we're looking at a complete Propeller Powered Big Brain makeover and wiring upgrade to more readily facilitate its new duties, applications, controls and what is considered good configs for the future. This is currently in the design process. Considering the amount of travel and moving taking place in the past, the future must take mobility and structural take-down and packing into account.

One idea is a series of computer designed control panels that can either fold up or end up disposable. Another idea is a durable transport box that becomes a dual purpose shipping container. Just thinking of the possibilities, the Big Brain could occupy a section (or room) with multiple screens, control panels, open down cages with racks of arrays of components for easy rewiring, and perhaps a remake of the vertical EXO putting everything together all in one. The control panel should contain reconfigurable instrumentation in addition to VR instruments and panels. These could be brought up online for large peripheral control involving ULTRA space.

What if we could access specific banks of processors and phase each in and out for their intended tasks and greatest strengths? These are powerful parallel arrays that can function as a unit, say 50 processors are assigned to parallel Task A and 50 are one Task B and 50 are on Task C. This is possible with a new Big Brain RTOS extension planned. Expect to learn about some enhancements to the software and the future intro to a specialized software era.

Notwithstanding of the current bread boarded big arrays, there is a possibility to convert these to solid state green printed circuit boards for long term reliability.  We can go with 40 large green boards on hand and/or there's access to a source capable of manufacturing customized boards specifically for the Big Brain. A study will be implemented to decide the viability of each approach. 

In case your a latecomer, the Big Brain has gone through several evolutionary phases of development that began with Micro Space. This led to low altitude Near Space space travel using Mega Projects in China and Taiwan. That progressed to ULTRA Space which the Big Brain is currently exploring.