Saturday, April 7, 2012

Extractionator Injectionator EI

Things are progressing with the new Big Brain design in an overhaul initiated after almost two years of heavy use. The idea and possible schedule is to bring the new design online at the two year mark and enable new capabilities for the 2010 to 2020 decade.

Work began on the actual Big Brain August 5th, 2010. (Not including previous machine development leading up to the Brain which started in 2002) Nearly two years later, the super computing design has seen many metamorphosis. As the two year anniversary approaches, we begin a phase of new Brain design, one that will add many efficient functions and increase machine longevity. For this to happen, the Brain needs a remolding and reshaping of its circuitry and containment.

The new design incorporates many great things we've wanted to add all along but were too busy with other Brain apps and developments to do so. Also during a nearly two year time period, many configs were tried and tested. Now we know more exactly the purpose and intent of the Big Brain and can mold and shape its design for the next generation and move it forward into the decade from 2010 to 2020.

Being strapped for time, this represents a major effort. Even soldering the boards represents much work with 3,200 solder points for just the chip sockets alone on the first 100 props. One part of this new design, which uses solid state printed circuit boards, is Extractionator Injectionator (EI). Extraction Injection is a place on each board, of which the Brain has access or junction points to input or output with various utility and function. This concept is different from the current machine which normally or usually places points of Injection and Extraction at the Summit. The Summit is at one end of the Array but not necessarily within the Array. Injection and Extraction will additionally locate within the Array.

Here's what Extraction Injection could do on each board. Extraction places of TV, parametric monitoring, a quasi monitoring node, Sound, Infrared, Wireless, BUS, Voice. Injection places of keyboard, or nodal eye, mouse, IR input, Wireless Reception, a BUS to enter software machines such as Nanites or other soft machines, a place to load programs, memory EEPROM, SD card, a serial or parallel communications BUS, a buffer of sorts, a thinking observation deck point to eavesdrop on individual boards processing and thinking, a parameters deck for observations, test points and nodes, and numerous other possibilities.

Placing one Observation Deck on each board containing the Extractionator and Injectionator, with the first 100 Propeller chips, would be reasonable considering only 9 boards are needed. Each board would have 12 Propeller chips with one chip designated as a Summit Chip.

Extraction Injection makes Choir Singing of boards more easy and enables new methods of data dissemination and collection during and after processing. EI also serves multiple life forms created by the Big Brain and can access their dreams and evolution. Dreams on a global scale can have sub parts analyzed perhaps in real time.

New Terms
EI  Extractionator Injectionator
Extraction Injection  a place on each board, of which the Brain has access or junction points to input or output with various utility and function