Friday, April 13, 2012

High Performance Cluster Computing

The range of Macs
All hands on deck - The Brain has the best of several worlds including Arrays of Parallax Propeller chips on the left hand and a cluster of Macs on the right hand. Working together it looks as though they can take on any project we put in its path.

We expand the Left Brain with Parallax Propeller Arrays and expand the Right Brain with Apple Macs..

Improvements in parallel processing on the left and right hands have ushered in a new era for the Brain. Tasking is divided up in Parallel across several Macs which can be expanded in the cluster. Performance continues to improve and increase as Macs are added to the Cluster. Software runs on each clustered computer to enable parallel computing. Even with a small Right Brain addition, the add-on can amplify the speed 2X and 5X for significant TeraFLOPs processing gains.

One thing about Parallel computing.. One cannot just run a program like PhotoShop. The app must be developed and programmed specifically for parallel computing. One potential here for this system is programming in ForTran language and it would be interesting to have a Parallel ForTran. Apps can be developed in other languages, even BASIC versions.

By trashing keyboards and monitors and running code on one Mac designated resource to remotely control the other Macs, the overall config can be simplified and reduced in cost. Need to compile your parallel Mac code? Check these sources.

Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro for OS 9 or X

Xcode 2.2.1 for X

Absoft Pro Fortran for OS 9 or X

cc for OS X (gcc 3.1 or later)

g77 (via fink) for OS X

Project Builder for OS X

IBM's xlc for OS X

IBM's xlf for OS X

NAG's f95 for OS X

Intel's ifort for OS X on Intel

gcc for 64-bit Intel Linux

Typical Mac Categories for Clustering
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