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Humanoido Labs List

including Primary Functions, Nostalgia
What hidden secrets lie lurking within the mysterious depths of all the Humanoido Laboratories? Is it possible to take a sneak peek into yesteryear's and today's labs? Will we find strange new machines, life forms, exotic instruments, ultimate inventions, and a Big Brain growing in the lab's corner? You might be surprised!

Updated Sat. June 29th, 2013
Humanoido Labs historically were in development for decades and are now located both domestically, internationally and of free dominion. Many interesting stories are about the early beginnings. This is the first available sneak peek preview with lists that categorize elements of location, function and milestones. Stay tuned as this is just a beginning look into the development of the Humanoido Labs...

The well equipped sci-fi batcave included areas for a supercomputer, research and development, a space program with various flight spacecraft, library, display trophy room, scientific surveillance, experiment chambers, inventions, lab tables and instrumentation equipment.

What's a Laboratory?
A Laboratory is a room, building or location, equipped for experimenting, inventing, scientific research and design, and academic study.

The First Humanoido Lab
The first Humanoido Lab probably came from an idea rooted in science fiction of the 1950s and 1960s, with scientific labs depicted in various episodes of Supercar, Outer Limits, the Twilight Zone, Fireball XL5, Superhero Comic Books, Tom Swift Novels, and Sci-Fi Movies cast for black & white television.

Superhero Labs as Reference
Superheros in particular had super powerful labs. Superman's Fortress of Solitude had the world's most advanced supercomputer and instrumentation controls made from crystals. Batman's Bat Cave held lab and control benches, a trophy room, library, and it's own space program crafts.

The Fortress of Solitude holds a space age archive center with library and advanced access terminals, instrumentation control center and a powerful supercomputer
What's in a Laboratory?
Because a Laboratory is a place to do inventing, creating and study, it typically includes tools, equipment, parts and resources to accomplish these goals. Early Humanoido Labs, from the start, contained basic sections in common (a work place, robotics area, science studies, inventory of parts, a telescope and astronomical programs, printing and writing, cutting edge technology). The following is a list of what's most likely to be found in a Humanoido Lab.

Library, Computer Center, Cybernetics & Robotics area, Parts Inventory, Electronics Section, Lab Bench, Scientific & Test Equipment, Mechanics Shop, Office, Manufacturing & Fabrication Center, Modeling Area, Showcase
Evolution of Humanoido Labs
The labs have continued to evolve and change. These changes are based on interests, advancing levels of technology and investment revenue. The current Lab is very unique and now contains resources for investigating new areas of science.
The following list describes the current Humanoid Lab
Library, Computer Center with Supercomputer, Cybernetics Lab with Robots and Humanoids, Electronics Lab Bench, Optics & Telescope Center, Observatory, Parts Inventory, Scientific Equipment, Mechanics Section, Office, Showcase, Fabrication Area, and new sections include the Living BIG BRAIN Machine, Modeling & Simulation Area, Testing Deck Field, Deep Space Center, ULTRA Space Administration, the World's Largest GT Genius Telescope, and a new Machine Center for Sensory & Human Brain Enhancement. This lab also includes sleeping quarters, kitchen, loft, sound & communications center, and a roof-top observatory.

Similarities to Super Hero and Sci-Fi Labs
For historical curiosity, let's examine some similarities of Humanoid Labs to sci-fi and superhero labs. Were Humanoido Labs modeled after these fictional dramas of science from the 1950s and beyond the year 2,000? It appears there is a content match.

1) Humanoido Labs
2) Superman Fortress of Solitude
3) Batman Bat Cave
4) Supercar
5) Tom Swift
6) Outer Limits

Supercomputer 1,2,3,6
6=The Brain of Colonel Barham, air date Jan. 2, 1965
Robot 1,3,4,5,6
5=Tom Swift and His Giant Robot
Lab bench 1,2,3,4,5,6
Electronics 1,3,4,5,6
Chemistry 1,3,4,5,6
Astronomy, Telescopes 1,2,3,5
Observatory 1,2,3,5,6
Optics 1,2,5,6
Library/Archive 1,2,3,4,5
Control Instrumentation 1,2,3,4,5,6
Space Program 1,3,4,5,6
5=Tom Swift and His Outpost In Space
Showcase 1,2,3,4,5,6
Humanoido Labs Distribution
35 USA Labs
19 International Labs
03 Free Labs (No Parent Country)
57 Total Labs

Humanoido Lab Divisions Under NDA
Due to some reorganization and reclassification of NDA Non Disclosure Agreement status beginning in 2010 and 2011, and extending through 2012, the scheduling of school and group tours are delayed. Labs are currently conducting NDA research and development projects. Stay tuned to the blogs for more information, updates and new scheduling.

Lab List by Country
Labs Built in USA
Laboratories 1 through 31 represent historical development centers. The current USA labs are numbers 32 through 35.

USA Lab 01 at GH

USA Lab 02 at WH
USA Lab 03 at WHT
USA Lab 04 at WHC

USA Lab 05 at WHW

USA Lab 06 at RH

USA Lab 07 at RHB
USA Lab 08 at RHS

USA Lab 09 at YH

USA Lab 10 at YHO

USA Lab 11 at GA

USA Lab 12 at GAB 
USA Lab 13 at GAO

USA Lab 14 at MO
USA Lab 15 at MOR
USA Lab 16 at MOB
USA Lab 17 at MOO

USA Lab 18 at AH

USA Lab 19 at MH

USA Lab 20 at MHO

USA Lab 21 at OH
USA Lab 22 at OHM
USA Lab 23 at OHW
USA Lab 24 at OHO
USA Lab 25 at OHG
USA Lab 26 at OHB
USA Lab 27 at OHD

USA Lab 28 at JA
USA Lab 29 at JAG
USA Lab 30 at JAB 
USA Lab 31 at AA
USA Lab 32 at SH
USA Lab 33 at SHB
USA Lab 34 at SHG
USA Lab 35 at SHS

Labs Built in Taiwan (10)
Taiwan TT Short Term Temp Lab
Taiwan 1st Lab Level 5
Taiwan 2nd Lab
Taiwan Old Lab
Taiwan Loft Lab
Taiwan Static Lab Level 6
Taiwan Skyscraper Roof Lab
Taiwan Expansion Lab
Taiwan Observational Deck Lab
Taiwan Big Brain Consolidation Lab

Labs Built in China (4)
Beijing China Original Lab
Beijing China Second Lab
Beijing China Third Lab
Shanghai China Lab

Labs Built in Korea (1)
South Korea First Temp Lab

Mobile Labs (2)
International Mobile Lab (Transport Lab Facility TLF)

Classification: 2013 Mobile Transport Lab 56 (no parent country) 

Virtual Cyber Labs (1)
Cyber Lab (VLF Virtual Lab Facility)

Lab Primary Purposes by Lab Chronology
USA Lab 01 at GH
This is the 1st Humanoido Lab ever constructed. It was city-located at the gray house and constructed before the age of personal microcomputers. The state of the art computer at that time was ENIAC. The lab had no computer or calculator. The lab was primarily scientific to study archeology, fossils, osteology, bones, botany, plants, entomology, insects, biology, herpetology, reptiles and amphibians, optical, lenses, astronomy, telescopes, and mechanics, robots. Milestones: Built the 1st talking humanoid robot and a drum & rubber type-face printing press, wrote stories & published/printed newspaper, experimented with robotics, worked with motors, mechanics, gears, tin metal fabrication from tin can recycling, 1st library of books about science, books about robots and computers, conducted many experiments, utilized the 1st refracting telescope, Lunar studies, study of achromatic aberration, study of botany - plants, leaves, flowers, biology, entomology study - insects, ants, dragon flies, beetles, frogs, fire flies, and regional scouting.

USA Lab 02 at WH
This was the first large multifaceted full scale indoor laboratory with full facilities built at the White House, at a hidden rural location. It included a library and the lab specialized in modeling with fiber board and aluminum, the lab owned a plastics heat molding machine for making custom designed parts, designs, launching black powder rockets, designing jet engines, creating circuits in the electronics lab, doing electronic circuit experiments, working with tubes and transistors, radio construction and design, antique radio repair, ham radio receiver construction, Morse code, space art, transmitter construction, 6-tube short wave radio construction, transistor SWL, photography, photographic darkroom work, solar prints, enlarger, cameras, astrophotography, astronomy, telescopes, lenses, projectile canons, an array of robots including humanoids, extensive chemistry lab, microscope, weather study and weather observatory, electronic amplifiers, the first laser guns, UFO study, electronic bugging systems, recording systems, SWL with QSL verifications, liquid soldering, language learning via short wave radio (Peking Radio and VOA Voice of America). Included sections for biology, entomology study, research, historical studies, the first inertial powered rocket system, the first resin engraving system, study of animals, the first kite flying space program to one mile extension, camera on kite aerial photography, box and delta wing kite designs, flying and building .049 liquid fuel engine aircraft, constructing & flying balsa wood aircraft, receiving long distance AM transmissions, a study of SF, 100-150 foot antennas, and included the first lab showcase. During this time period, SF included Supercar, Fireball XL5, and outer limits.

USA Lab 03 at WHT
At a rural location, this was a very innovative country-based 1st suspended off-the-ground laboratory and observatory. This large scale Exploratory Research Lab and observation post was built elevated in a very large tree. Milestones included research, aerial photography, observations, astronomy, elevated telescopic observations, nature photography and science experiments.

USA Lab 04 at WHC
This was a country-located isolated and dedicated laboratory created from an unused small house the size of a chicken coop for chemistry experiments and the development of new chemical properties. It also included a full scale weather system and climatatic observation post, photography experiments with a camera collection and the 1st photographic darkroom. It included film development with darkroom chemicals, trial mixes of Sodium Thiosulfate fixer and Metol and Accufine-like developers, a sun solar frame for making sepia prints, telescopic refracting solar projections and sunspot studies, a Tasco 30mm refractor, various astronomy and telescope observation studies.

USA Lab 05 at WHW
This lab is a left wing addition to WH. It served as a place to liquid solder electronics, manufacture test models, create rockets, develop electronic systems, disassemble electrical and mechanical modules for parts, and develop research jet engines. It included a showcase section.

USA Lab 06 at RH
This red housed lab was situated in the city. Ham radio, SWL radios, QSL international short wave radio reception card collection, electronics, kit building, artistic constructions, experiments with ceramics, glazing, kiln firing, glass working, showcase.

USA Lab 07 at RHB
This is a large full house sized basement addition to RH for glass working and experimenting.

USA Lab 08 at RHS
This is a full scientific and art showcase with mathematical constructs illustrating various geometries

USA Lab 09 at YH
Also city located, the yellow housed laboratory was at garden level. Capabilities included chemistry, telescopes, astronomy, photography, astrophotography, the 1st Mars study at 1st viewed opposition, visual and photo observations, observational concrete observatory platform, 4.25-inch F-11 telescope, electronics, microscope, spintharascope, SWL, radios, mechanics, optics, lunar studies, lunar mapping and cartography, Jupiter & Saturn studies, Ganymede photography, and a Jupiter Moons study. One project was the determination of the speed of light using the Jovian Moon system. During this time period, SF included Star Trek.

USA Lab 10 at YHO
This is an observatory appendage to YH for telescopic observations, astrophotography and visual observing.

USA Lab 11 at GA

This lab mid floor ground level lab was built in an apartment with a notorious person known as the Gooch (named after the comical mythological character of ill repute), living in the upstairs floor, who tried to sabotage the efforts of the scientists working at the indoor lab and at the basement level at the at the observational area. Its capabilities included Astronomy, portable telescopes, astrophotography, deep space, planetary studies, observation of celestial events, biology, reptiles, tropical fish, publications, article writing and authoring, telescope design, solar studies of sunspots, aurora, meteor study

USA Lab 12 GAB
a basement lab extension to GA, constructed telescope components

USA Lab 13 GAO
Outdoor observational observatory area to GA

USA Lab 14 at MO
This city lab was built in a small family owned home on the second floor level. It was equipped for astronomy, telescopes, astrophotography, deep space, planetary studies, observation of celestial events, biology, reptiles, tropical fish, specializing in Mars, cartography, map entire surface of Mars, telescope 10X enhancements, construction and carpentry, human bone structure study, study of the human heart, development of a laser beam communication system, photo darkroom, development of astronomical techniques, telescope construction, grinding/ polishing/ figuring lenses & mirrors, manufacturing of fiberglass tubes, antenna systems, SWL, electronics, circuit building, modern radios, antique radios, mounting design and construction, SWL & electronics, 2-way radio. The extension included a recording studio with electronics and a library.

USA Lab 15 at MOR
Adjacent 2nd floor room extension to MO

USA Lab 16 at MOB
Basement level extension to MO but classifies as full scale laboratory, city located, specially constructed for photography, included a chemical photographic darkroom, cameras, astrophotography, film techniques, astronomy, Schmidt Camera, Practica FX. Served as the processing work horse environment for a summer long Mars opposition study with an 8-inch F6 Newtonian reflector telescope and the enhanced 80-inch telescope. During this time, a 12.5-inch lens was in the making along with a resin lab to construct fiberglass telescope tubes.

USA Lab 17 at MOO
Outdoor observatory and work extension to MO, worked with fiberglassing, constructing telescope tubes, SWL and HAM radio antennas, Mars and planetary observational programs, astronomy and telescopic observations and tests, construction of telescopes

USA Lab 18 at AH
Basic open short term summer lab, was set up and then dissolved in only a few months due to lack of security

USA Lab 19 at MH
This was a mobile lab that didn't go anywhere. It included an Astronomical observatory and capabilities with telescopes, astronomy, observing, photography, cameras, astrophotography, working with steel buildings, roll off roof observatory, telescope design.

USA Lab 20 at MHO
This was a separate rural observatory laboratory fabricated from a wood and thick steel shed. It functions as a companion to MH. It was modified into a roll off roof observatory.

USA Lab 21 at OH
City based and owned, the most sophisticated and capable Humanoido Lab ever built. It was here a new microcomputer was designed, invented and constructed (though never sold). It included the Advanced Astronomical Observatory with a Voice, a state of the art computer scientific data processing center, precision telescopes, astronomy, observing, photographic darkroom, astrophotography, photography, image processing center and lab work, cybernetics lab, mirror grinding room, mirror grinding machine, mechanics section, electronics, projects & inventions, 40-foot floor to ceiling library, dome room, red ribbon droid, robots, image processing, astronomical publications, technical journal developments, computer center, voice synthesis & recognition, calculus dome, optoelectronic interface, 28,000 pound mount & mechanical systems, HVAC systems, ultrasonic systems, drives, thermodynamic equalizer, black box protector, telescope design & construction, 40-inch reflector telescope, two 50-inch reflector telescopes, 12.5 inch telescope enhanced to 125-inches, a Foucault Testing Center, discovered a star, CCD technology, developed virtual cooling, remote control telescope technology, mechanics lab, parts inventory, optics design center, 6-foot VIP Video Image Processor machine, astro imaging, CCD super cooled imaging, computer invention, design, construction, computer programming, votrax development, computer singing development, invent OPTICS language, many robots, observatory droids, developed first remote controlled cyber space telescope, internet systems, mirror grinding machines design and construction and specific computer programs,

USA Lab 22 at OHM
A metal building lab extension to OH

USA Lab 23 at OHW
A small wood building housing the most important astronomical and mechanical constructs for the 40-inch reflector research grade telescope

USA Lab 24 at OMO
Extension to OH, outdoor open observatory with concrete observing pad and elevated observational wood deck. Large grassed area for distance testing and temperature stabilization

USA Lab 25 at OHG
A large double garage based scientific tool room laboratory in the city, a premium work center and extension to lab OH. Included mirror grinding machine design & construction, 40-inch plate glass mirror reflector telescope construction, 3-meter dome construction, track designs, the Angle Iron Guide, 144 servo mechanism primary mount construction, tool room with tools and thick wood benches supporting thousands of pounds, shelves for equipment, manufacturing, testing and storage of equipment and parts. For machining, designing, wood working, metal working, parts fabrication.

USA Lab 26 at OHB
A basement extension to OH, included a library, archival, storage 

USA Lab 27 at OHD
Full observatory dome room laboratory, with optics, various telescopes, several computers, 28 thousand pound mounting, control center, control desk, electronic TV monitors, electronic devices, HVAC motors and parts, instrumentation, high voltage AC controllers, control paddles, thermodynamic equalizer, variable frequency oscillators, dome motor control, computer control, voice control, speech synthesis, speech recognition, OBS dome room robotic droids, astro imaging, CCD technology, conducted work in super cooling and light hypering, hypersensitization experiments, invention of Virtual Cooling and Electronic Character Selection Filters, one ton rotatiing dome, work with telescope remote and computerized controls setups, dome rotation mechanics and devices,

USA Lab 28 at JA
Mid-way city lab 1st level apt, work primarily with telescopes, a computer center, continuing development of the remote control cyber space telescope, technical publishing, astronomy, astro imaging, astrophotography, computer image processing, publications, article writing, large library
USA Lab 29 JAG
a garage extension to JA, with two 50-inch telescope mirrors, inventory, tools, parts, supplies

USA Lab 30 JAB
a basement extension to JA, housed scientific equipment and storage

USA Lab 31 at AA
R&D Archway housed laboratory, interim lab, primary storage and a center for new designs and inventions

USA Lab 32 at SH
Very efficient small lab, includes, and. Comprises Tool room, offices, robotics, robots, robotic assembly, robotic manuals, postings, books, library

USA Lab 33 SHB
full basement lab extension to SH

USA Lab 34 SHG
external garage lab extension to SH

USA Lab 35 SHS
gray tool room extension to SH

International Lab 36 at TT
Taiwan temp lab, was the first international short term lab

International Lab 37 at TMT
Taiwan first long term lab with many lab tables in a large room.

International Lab 38 at TW
Taiwan first lab at level 5, a wood finished Laboratory with two permanent attached work benches and one fold out bench. Roll out storage bins and sunken in showcases. Bookshelves. Electronics, robotics design & construction, microprocessors, computers, Artificial Intelligence, computer programming center, Apple computer systems.

International Lab 39 at BVA
Beijing China original lab, with big vertical air conditioner, included computer labs, computer programming, robotics, humanoid robots, robot programming, robot design and construction, library, parts inventory

International Lab 40 at BLT
Beijing China very large lab, the largest, a lab with Robot development, Penguin robots, computer programming, computer lab

International Lab 41 at BLD
Beijing China, the evolution from BLT, moved to an indoor living deck space, with robot development, computer center, programming, office

International Lab 42 at BLS
Beijing China, the largest small apt series, new, a lab with Robot development, showcase, robots, computer programming, computer lab

International Lab 43 at BS1
Beijing China 1st small apt laboratory with Big Brain development, micro space program, aerial photography, astrophotography, solar imaging, coronal solar studies, weather and pollution study, Helicopter flight, remote flight, remote imaging, camera, kites, robots, robotic astronauts, 

International Lab 44 at BS2
Beijing China 2nd small apt laboratory identical to BS1, with Big Brain development, micro space program, aerial photography, computer center, showcase, astrophotography, solar imaging, coronal solar studies, weather and pollution study, Helicopter flight, remote flight, remote imaging, camera, kites, robots, robotic astronauts, down-links from satellite
International Lab 45 at SC1
Shanghai China first lab, acquisition of mylar material, development of mylar telescope mirrors, Big Brain Kinder projects, man in space mega project, near space, development of micro space crafts, helicopter and telescope acquisitions, photography and aerial imaging, telescopic and astronomical imaging, exploration of Micro Space and Near Space, development of the water drop telescope,

International Lab 46 at SCO
Shanghai China Deck observatory, observations, astronomical imaging, photo visual studies of Lunar and planetary, Jupiter study, telescope study, sky experiments, camera, astro imaging, astrophotography, remote studies, robotic telescope studies, Dobsonian mounting study,

International Lab 47 at TO
Taiwan old lab with one lab bench with two storage units for parts, secondary storage areas, worked on Propeller powered Big Brain children, design airport sensors, begin web site and blogger, conduct Micro Space Program, launch rockets & rocket balloons, develop air propulsion, multiple lens telescope, postings, inventions, design and construct new telescopes, undergo machine brain enhancements over a ten month period   

International Lab 48 at TL
Taiwan loft lab. Initially designed for the Big Brain Center, construction delayed full installation of the Big Brain, was converted to lab inventory of parts and instruments

International Lab 49 at TS
The Taiwan static lab. Fast becoming one of the most powerful, advanced, and capable Humanoido Labs ever created, the Taiwan Static Lab is located in a tall high rise modern futuristic skyscraper and based in a city of 8-million. This is a state of the art laboratory features the living Big Brain machine and houses an office, library, multiple telescopes center, small observational deck, the worlds largest telescope instrumentation command and control center, and includes a supercomputer, multiple computers at its computer data processing center, the image processing and printing center, a center for the ULTRA Space Administration, the location of the Deep Space Center, the Command and Control Center for the GT Genius Telescope, tool section, parts, inventory, inventions, modeling & simulation, testing, cyber devices, and other space telescopes. It includes adjuncts for the World's Largest GT Telescope in Space, an Observatory on the skyscraper rooftop, a Science Loft with sleeping accommodations, a Mobile Science Lab for air transport from country to country, and one full Expansion lab add-on.

101 Taiwan Lab 47 TD
International Lab 50 at TSO
Located in Taiwan, this observatory is a small observational lab center built from an outdoor deck. Useful for weather monitoring, testing enhancements, astronomical observations and imaging, working on aerial photography, camera testing, recording and testing pollution phenomena, observing temperatures, sky conditions, relative humidity, atmosphere pressure, a place to mount scientific instrumentation and telescopes.

International Lab 51 at TR (Skyscraper Roof Lab - Area 51)
This is the Taiwan skyscraper roof lab, also known as the Roof Observatory Lab 51 (and sometimes referred to as Area 51). Area 51 is where new space crafts are flown tested, launched and landed, and aerial surveillance photos are conducted. The Lab is a supplement and spinoff from the Transit lab. Works also includes study of Venus Transit, use as a full astronomical observatory, programs with astronomical imaging of selected events, serves as a lookout post, monitors weather changes, serves as an atmospheric monitoring observatory, covers celestial events, sunspot study, telescope testing and use, terrestrial experiments in transparency, opacity, humidity, temperature, distance, testing & measuring and conducting experiments, work as a pollution monitoring station, heavy with experiments regrading atmospheric pollution as a character selection filter, and studies primarily with the Moon and planets plus special events.

International Lab 52 at TE
Taiwan Expansion Lab. Expansion overflow to Lab 24. Library, electronics, Big Brain machine, soldering, circuits, robots, storage, display showcase.

International Lab 53 Big Brain Consolidation Lab
This Taiwan Lab brings together more parts of the supercomputer for the greatest consolidation effort in the history of the Big Brain machine. Includes large work space, storage of parts, a computer center with three computers, two Apple Macs and one PC, a library, print center, area for work on the Propeller COSMAC Elf, a photo center, and rapidly expanding other scientific areas.

Free Lab 54 at TLF (No Parent Country)
The TLF a mobile lab inside luggage - a mobile netbook computer, electronic parts, processors, small version of the Big Brain, software, apps, notes, books, electronics, references, resources, batteries, hook up circuits, links etc.

Free Lab 55 at VLF (No Parent Country)
This is a Virtual Lab Facility (VLF) and online cyber lab. It includes everything for a working laboratory located in the virtual cyber world - all lab parts, parts of the Big Brain embedded in software, VR components, applications, software, data, word processing, data base, spreadsheet, mail, image albums, file storage, teleconferencing, information access, storage and retrieval of work, online access to multiple linking sources, charts, plots, resources and references. Utilizes a computer or small iPhone terminal at any location with internet to access the online Cyber Lab. 

Free Lab 56 (No Parent Country)
The Mobile Transport Lab MTL is one that can remain in flight without a parent country. A Mobile Transport Lab was flown over the North Pole and collected data. This is a mobile science and technology lab for travel that is a more modern version of the original Transport Lab Facility (TLF). New items include a cell phone with many digital scientific apps, multiple cameras, and a space telescope.
Classification: 2013 Mobile Transport Lab 56 (no parent country) 

2013 International South Korea Lab 57 SCL

Lab 50 was built internationally in Taiwan on the 6th floor for scientific inventions. The lab was discontinued due to constant shaking from an underground subway system and constant small earthquakes.

Lab 60 was USA built from a large portable space hangar made from steel pipe and a poly covering. The massive hangar harbored large projects, the space truck, a tool shop, and other experimental devices. It was originally built in 2015 and modified for increased strength for gale-type wind resistance in 2016.

Lab 61 was a USA rocket lab created in 2016 inside the space land residence to house a cache of 15 rockets and their power launch engines. It held the rocket planes, ejectable astronaut and ejectable rocket, a staging canister, and other goodies.

Lab 62 in the USA is a Space Car Lab inside the wood garage. It provided space for the construction of the space car. The tiny space car is a means of rocket device recovery across the launch spaceport.

Lab 63 is a USA space rocket computer lab, equipped with one of the most powerful computer systems. It was outfitted with state of the art peripherals and its own internet systems. It can feed cameras year round for security.

Lab 64 is a new lab in Taiwan on floor 2 with new rocket functions.

LOG - For Classification
Schmidt Camera construction
University Lectures
Academy of Sciences
Derivation of New Formula
Creating Virtual Filters
Super cooled dry ice camera
Film Gas Hypering
RFT telescope
4.25-inch Space Telescope Project
Mars Cartography
Observatory Droids
Programming Humanoid to Speak 5 languages
Award Winning Robot
Singing Robot Development
Observatory Director
Celestial Phenomenon Researcher & Investigator
Developer of Sky Charts
Meteor Study
Cometary Study, Comet Kohoutek, Halley's Comet
Constellation Mapping
Atmosphere as Filter
Solar Coronal Study
Mirror Mount Construction
8-inch telescope 1 construction
8-inch telescope 2 construction
12.5-inch telescope construction 1
12.5-inch telescope construction 2
Dome Construction

Labs by Date Proximity
1955 USA Lab 01 at GH (First City Lab)
1958 USA Lab 02 at WH (First Rural Lab)
1958 USA Lab 03 at WHT (First Lab in the Sky at WH)
1958 USA Lab 04 at WHC (Dedicated Coupe Lab at WH)
1958 USA Lab 05 at WHW (Left Wing Addition to WH)
1965 USA Lab 06 at RH (Red Housed Laboratory)
1965 USA Lab 07 at RHB (Basement Lab to RH)
1965 USA Lab 08 at RHS (Full Showcase Lab at RH)
1966 USA Lab 09 at YH (Yellow Housed Laboratory)
1966 USA Lab 10 at YHO (Observatory at YH)
1967 USA Lab 11 at GA (the Gouch Structure Lab)
1967 USA Lab 12 at GAB (Basement Science Lab at GA)
1967 USA Lab 13 at GAO (Outdoor Observatory at GA)
1968 USA Lab 14 at MO (Family Owned Home Extensive Lab)
1968 USA Lab 15 at MOR (Room Expansion Lab at MO)
1968 USA Lab 16 at MOB (Basement Structure Lab at MO)
1968 USA Lab 17 at MOO (Front Observatory at MO)
1975 USA Lab 18 at AH (1st Short Term APT Lab)
1975 USA Lab 19 at MH (Mobile Lab)
1975 USA Lab 20 at MHO (Steel Observatory at MO)
1977 USA Lab 21 at OH (Observatory Home Lab)
1977 USA Lab 22 at OHM (Metal Building Lab at OH)
1977 USA Lab 23 at OMW (Wood Building Lab at OH)
1977 USA Lab 24 at OHO (Outdoor Deck Observatory at OH)
1977 USA Lab 25 at OHG (Garage Lab at OH)
1977 USA Lab 26 at OHB (Basement Lab at OH)
1977 USA Lab 27 at OHD (Modern Dome Room Laboratory)
1999 USA Lab 28 at JA (Large APT LAB)
1999 USA Lab 29 at JAG (Garage Lab at JA)
1999 USA Lab 30 at JAB  (Basement Lab at JA)
2004 USA Lab 31 at AA (Arch Lab)
2005 USA Lab 32 at SH (Small House Lab - Extensive)
2005 USA Lab 33 at SHB (Basement at SH)
2005 USA Lab 34 at SHG (Garage Lab at SH)
2005 USA Lab 35 at SHS (Gray Lab at SH)
2001 International Taiwan Lab 36 at TT (Temp Lab 2 Weeks)
2002 International Taiwan Lab 37 at TMT (Many Tables)
2007 International Taiwan Lab 38 at TW (Wood Finished)
2008 International Beijing Lab 39 at BVA (Big Vertical Air Cond)
International Beijing Lab 40 at BLT (Very Large, 2 tables room)
International Beijing Lab 41 at BLD (Very Large, Deck)
2010 International Beijing Lab 42 at BLS (Largest Small Apt)
2010 International Beijing Lab 43 at BS1 (1st Small Apt)
2010 International Beijing Lab 44 at BS2 (2nd Small Apt)
2010 International Shanghai Lab 45 at SR (Room)
2010 International Shanghai Lab 46 at SO (Observatory)
2011 International Taiwan Lab 47 at TO (Old)
2012 International Taiwan Lab 48 at TL (Loft)
2012 International Taiwan Lab 49 at TS (Static)
2012 International Taiwan Lab 50 at TSO (Observatory at Static)
2012 International Taiwan Lab 51 at TR (Skyscraper Roof Observatory)
2012 International Taiwan Lab 52 at TE (Expansion at Static)
2012 International Taiwan Lab 53 at BC (Big Brain Consolidation)
2012 No Parent Country Mobile Lab 54 at TLF (Transport Lab Facility)
2012 No Parent Country Cyber Lab 55 at VLF (Virtual Lab Facility)
2013 No Parent Country Mobile Transport Lab 56 MTL
2013 International South Korea Lab 57 SCL 
2013 International Taiwan Lab 58 (Asian Arena International Taiwan Radio Telescope Open Sky-faced Balcony Observatory Laboratory)
2014 International Taiwan F6 Sciences Invention Lab 59
2015 USA Rocket Portable Space Hangar Lab 60
2016 USA Rocket Lab 61
2016 USA Rocket Space Car Lab 62
2016 USA Rocket Computer Lab 63
2016 International Taiwan F2 Rocket Lab 64