Sunday, July 15, 2012

Big Brain 2 Year Anniversary

EXO Brain: Rewiring & adding TeraByte drives

TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY - a historical view
07-25-2010, 05:33 AM

Humanoido quotes: "The Propeller Big Brain (Build time = 1 Year)

A working massive Machine Brain with over 100 Parallax Propeller chips. The Big Brain is simply a fun hobby project to run experiments and play with endless possibilities. Over 16,000 MIPS, over 3,200 I/O ports. 3 Partitions - the 3rd is a Magic Partition - holds any number of props from 1 to 50, allows removal & loan to other projects.

Talk, sing, dream, learn, evolve, demonstrate Life, color TV, hearing, speech recognition, keyboard, mouse, 2 LCD displays, host boards, compatibility (Stamps, Props, PCs, Macs), sound out, mic in, stomach, Brain Base, Brain Spans, Brain Stem, EXOskeleton, multiple languages, over 100 x 64K distributed RAM/ROM, LED enabled, crystal/EEPROM supported, Mac/PC support computers, 3 TeraByte hard drives, Neural Matter Injector syncs & load props in parallel. Developed ParaP, AtOnce, EnhancedChip technologies - parallel-parallel operations, loading @ once, increase p^N, inject 100,000 Simplex Neurons. Expanding Array. Created modest RTOS - handles cogs, loading, timing, neural matter distribution. Cloning. Executes all-chip-multi-enumeration in a second. Expanding Arrays. HYBRID interface (Serial Communications, Daisy Chain Token Ring Topology, Prop to Prop, Parallel), RI Reduction Interface, AE Automatic Enumerator, Waveform Reliability Filter, No Parts Technology to reduce cost.

Addendum: Medical doctor/ Human Genome Project. Offspring: Brain Child, Baby Brain, Bit Brain, and Brain in a Jar. Supporting Mac/AMD add 724 processors. TeraFLOPS computing power just under PetaFlops."