Friday, August 17, 2012

Transformation Machine TMACH


Super Computer Machine Transforming and Transformation Machining involves a technique for making new computing machines from existing ones without any physical dismantling of hardware. Transformation Machining is accomplished with software that chisels new "machines" the inside of the original machine.

Transformer robots undergo a mechanical transformation and can change back to their original configuration. Super Computing Machines that are large enough can transform internally and back again. The transforming algorithm reconfigures the wiring inside the machine with software circuits. The great advantage is one only needs to build a massive machine and many other machines can be created from the one by a process of internal transformation.

How large is large enough? The answer lies within the size of the transform. Some rules come into effect. A super computing machine can create one or more transformation machines internally. Transformation Machines, or TMACHs, may be linked together. TMACHS can be built that are smaller than the original machine or equal in size. Many TMACHS can live and transform inside one machine. New TMACHS are entirely possible. Nothing is wasted and no time is spent on working with hardware. No hardware changes are required. When new machines are built, the original machine is retained and transformed. The interesting part of TMACHS is they can disappear and return morphed into the original machine.

The example TMACH is a small hardware-built computing machine with 96 computers. The hardware is located on one board. The transforming algorithm is introduced and a process of Transformation Machining is initiated. The first new machine is a one to one serial machine. The second machine is a parallel computing machine. The third machine is Master to over 90 slaves. More examples are possible with this technique. TMACHS are possible with DISP Algorithms.

However,  perhaps the most useful abilities of a Tmach are the gains resulting from the actual tailored transformation process and its applications. The period in which the transformation is taking place and the way it unfolds has value to the enhancements of the internalized machine. Keep in mind that other functions, where a Tmach can go invisible and reappear in another location is certainly an out of the box conceptualization and may or may not have any usefulness in your app.