Sunday, September 2, 2012

Molecular Microscopy Initiative


Delving into the Macroscopic, the Big Brain begins a new initiative to look into new worlds of microscopic machines and molecular constructs. For this, the Brain needs a new and more powerful microscope. Previously the Big Brain used the Surface Mount Microscope, a camera based device that optically imaged processor boards with surface mount components.

For the Molecular Microscope Initiative, a new kind of microscope is needed. The requirements include showing the components inside a chip, showing built machines and objects in a chip, and exploring Nanotechnology. For these purposes, the Big Brain intends to invent a new microscope with the following guidelines and features:

* minimal or no parts
* no mechanical components
* utilizes over 720 processors
* black & white and/or color imaging
* can rival and sub for an Electron Microscope
* can replace an electron microscope
* designed to show larger molecular structures
* uses simple yet clever construction
* easy to use
* simple or no setup
* no cost
* quickly implemented
* built from common elements
* capable of showing nano machines
* can show the machines & objects inside a chip
* can view the microscopic chip structure
* vast magnifying capabilities from 100X to one million times
* built in a relatively short time period
* operated by Big Brain supercomputer