Friday, September 7, 2012

Propeller Tractor Beam

Big Brain SuperTronic Era
BUILD A Propeller Tractor Beam
IDEA DISCOVERY & DEVELOPMENT This task began as an an idea gleaned from a number of science magazines. The objective is, (idea derived after the internalized transformers were built), the next project would become an internalized Tractor Beam. This is the idea and more will follow as we put together the first working Internalized Tractor Beam (ITB).

A tractor beam is a hypothetical device with the ability to attract one object to another from a distance. Since the 1990s, technology and research has labored to make it a reality, mostly at microscopic level. Less commonly, a similar beam that repels is called a pressor beam or repulsor beam. Gravity impulse and gravity propulsion beams are areas of research from fringe physics that coincide with the concepts of tractor and repulsor beams. 

This is a new kind of tractor beam that only exists inside the chip and its inner working mechanisms of silicon.

More work on the Prop Tractor Beam... several experimental steps have transpired... a Big Brain (a.k.a. SuperTronic thought process) is held at one position.  The holding "Beam" is created, in an example from Pseudo Spin code, to capture and hold the process in a static manner. This is the capture phase of the tractor beam.

1) Identification of a SuperTronic thought process
2) Capture & Holding beam is created
3) The process is captured 
4) Holding beam is directed to hold the process
5) Current Static coordinates are determined
6) Future coordinates are determined
7) The ITB is put into motion
8) The process is carried jointly with data via the ITM

The Propeller chip offers and abundance of internalized resources. Over time, this has led to many increased internal functions. Internalized Propeller processes in the Big Brain is nothing new. The following is a partial list of internalized processes.

Examples of Internalized Propeller Processes
* Transporter
* Tractor Beam
* Enhancement Level I
* Enhancement Level II
* Nanites
* Cloning
* Neural Matter Injection
* Simplex Neuron
* VIPs

IN the first example, a thought process is captured, held, and tractor beamed to another place with new coordinates. The thought is converted to a light and the light is converted to new coordinates and the indices of position are made known by lighting the light at the new representative position.

A tractor beam was a projected force field used by spaceports, planetary bases, space stations and starships to effectively grasp and guide vessels to a safe designated landing. They could also be used to forcibly capture enemy ships. The Death Star was equipped with 768 tractor beam generators, enabling it to constrain ships such as the Millennium Falcon with ease.