Saturday, December 22, 2012

Construction Lab

EXPANDING BIG BRAIN SCIENCE LABORATORY - introducing the construction laboratory
Look what's looming over there! Giant pieces of proto wood lumber, hardware, huge motors, hinges, electronic controllers, wheels, gears, cables, cogs, belts, pulleys, springs, chains, sprockets, axles, pillow blocks, bearings, idlers, step downs, steering mechanisms, cables, brakes...

The inevitable has finally happened. The next expansion of the Big Brain's lab is fully under development. The cause? Work on the new City Transport Vehicle has captured interest of everyone and now a new requirement is creating a construction lab - a place where work on large mechanics can happen, along with testing various new concepts, a cache of designs and constructing new prototypes.

The Construction Lab will need the infusion of more power tools and will also need to include an expansion of space. Space, at least this type of lab space, is really rare and at a premium on the tiny island. We can build up or try to find more lateral space, or do a hop skip move that's not too far away.

One concept we're introducing is the Temporary "put up and take down" laboratory. One is more apt to "loan out" some space for lab use in this manner and provide agreement arrangement. It represents extra work in hauling tools and materials twice during the day, once to the lab and once from the lab.

Another option is the Tiny Space concept. A tiny space is utilized, within the domain of another function space, and working from various nooks and corners and keeping tools stored in various available places.

The City Transport Vehicle has many potential uses - for example, it could serve as an alternate energy vehicle run by the stored energy from ocean waves and can be autonomously driven by the on board Big Brain super computing machine. Another use is the likely transport of humans to and from various lab sites and to act as a prototype test machine for future developments. At this point in time, the vehicle is land based, although short range air flight is being studied. Air flight could be the next leap in city transport.