Friday, January 25, 2013

Time Travel

Work continues on the time travel project as we move closer to the precibus. 

The study of time continues with increasing intensity at the largest laboratory. Recapping, the first massive experiment of moving an object from a timeline of 1970s forward into the future was successful and analyzed. The techniques employed were by transgression flow method. In this event, the yardstick of time flows only the forward direction, from past to present to future.

The Transgression Flow Method work is now being extrapolated to more distant timelines. A project of TTE or time travel extensions is initiated. This will create sectional extensions to a singular time travel project. By concatenating the collection or collective of TTEs, a longer time travel expanse will be reached. This is thought of as time travel from A to B, from B to C, from C to D and so on. If the final result is Z, then the length of time travel is A to Z, and farther than the sum of the individual time lines.

In another ongoing spinoff technology, we designed the mechanics of a Time Machine V1.0 by harmonic oscillatory method using gravity waves to propel a human forward into time and to have the function to see specific user time line past. This machine is not yet implemented due the excessive G-forces created, which would exceed that human endurance. The design of a suit to counteract these "gravitometric" forces was began and is still in progress. When the suit can counteract the forces of intense gravity, the time machine will be implemented.