Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Big Brain Fish

Big brain fish lurking with massive brain at top right
While on a deep exploration  excursion into the vast resources of unrevealed semi tropical locations, sporadic fish heads with big brains were unexpectedly discovered. We had the good fortune to capture and study some of these super intelligent and timid fish on camera, whose brains hung out the sides of their heads, or outwardly and oblately stretched their cranial cavities. Time was also directed to study their wielding brash braniac behavior.

IS A BIG BRAIN A HAPPY BRAIN? - IT would appear so. Observed big brain brainiac fish are more content and seemed to be satisfied with their surroundings and in the ways that they are clever enough to use their environment in new ways. If smarter machine brains and smarter human brains have this trait in common, then it pays to have a smart brain, and find ways to make your brain smarter...

These fish are some of the smartest fish in the world. Their brain is so big, it often hangs out to one side or the other of their heads. Their heads, though large, are too small to contain all of the brain, or the brain causes the head to swell up to massive proportions.

Cranial capacity can indicate increases in neural containment and the number of neurons is indicative of several types of intellectual capacities. However, small brains may have compacted containment as well. But in the case of large brains having compacted containment, the evolutionary path is one of increasing intellectual capacity.

Candid view of actual fish brain species
These fish are continuing to grow larger, and thus their brains are continuing to grow as well. The lump of matter could approach the size of a suitcase and there is no telling what could evolve from that. It's potentially possible for this luggage of brain matter to move out of the water onto dry land and form a new species.

These fish have appeared on the evolutionary time scale within a relatively short period of time, explaining why perhaps the head never had time to evolve space to contain the rapidly growing brain.

If left unbound to its cramped head containment, who knows how large these brains might become. It would be an interesting experiment to transplant a number of these massive brains to larger containment vessels and measure their rates of growth.

The Big Brain Initiative likes to study other big brains, including those in big brained fish. What does this indicate? It means these fish are super intelligent.

Observations show they have a command of language and do specific signing and appear to have low level conversation through the water by compression and decompression of waves. These fish are the most clever, adapting in ways to their environments where other dim witted fish have no clue.

Big brained fish also show highly intelligent actions over other fish. They get their food first, are the first to go stealth, and they build small homes in the water environment where they raise families.

Is it possible for the Big Machine Brain to interface to the big brain of a fish? This depends on the sensitivity of the brain interface and the amount of power put out by the fish brain.

We were unable to capture a large number of big brain brainiac fish this time, but who knows what will happen next time if their population grows dramatically. Like more and more lemons added together to increase the power of a chemical battery, so too can fish brains add together to increase the brain power of a new kind of collective entity.

The potential project is looking at capturing fish and using their brains hooked together in parallel by using noninvasive methods to extrapolate and mine their brain power, funneling the results to a common singularity whose sum is far greater than each individual part.

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