Thursday, May 23, 2013

Altercated Alternated Reality Machine

As the postulation of alternative realities in an altercated sense are already presented and this postulation is verified and created from the mind's eye of man, and a postulated alternated reality island was successfully created and maintained, the new question that arises is how can we, as humans, create consistent, alternated realities, and, is it possible to accomplish this creation with a machine?

If the actual process of creating an altercated reality is depended on the mind of man, let's say encompassing the elements and requirements of Forward Expert Inference Engine material, what is the transferal to the mind of machine? Can the machine which is cognizant also be capable of altering and shaping reality? How can we establish an experiment to determine the result?

We know there are methods of quantizing the process of a Forward Expert Inference Engine through machine means in terms of AI Machine Intelligence. Does, in the sense of executing the postulation, it make sense to employ machines to accomplish the same as humans?

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