Saturday, July 27, 2013

Big Brain Upgrade

Is it time for a Big Brain Upgrade?

From time to time, the big Brain has upgrades, expansions, additions and mods. In looking at some of the discombobulated assemblies that could benefit more effectively in being linked closer together and unionized, an idea sparked and the design of a new Big Brain was underway.

First let's take a look at the basic brain and how the Propellers add up. The original Propeller Powered Big Brain supercomputer stock unit has about 30 boards, over 100 eight core props, 800+ processors (cogs), 719 gpu processors, over 110,000 Vprocessors, paralleled Mac, INTEL and ATOM clustered computers, coming in at an approximate total of over 111,520 processors. A supertronic enhancement convention increases processors significantly, reaching towards 200,000. The dream is to reach one million processor density, obtainable with Prop 2s and/or other techniques. Expansions are scheduled for this summer and fall seasons. Just how these expansions will be implemented is under debate. Below are possible ideas.
  1. Unified Containment Exoskeleton
  2. Faster Clock Processing
  3. More output
  4. TV screens
  5. A new BIOS
  6. Integrated RTOS
  7. Creation of a new larger EXO
  8. Ability to disassemble for international air flights
  9. Hardware groupings
  10. New circuits
  11. Easier rewiring
  12. Relocate 21 inch monitor
  13. Mapping of thousands of controls
  14. Test Software
  15. More processors
  16. Resource Computers Conversion To Processors