Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bats - Global Warming

Example of the giant Golden Capped Bat in the familiar photo purportedly taken in the deep jungles of the Philippines, apparently held by the only rebel squad willing to touch it and tie it to an elevated stretch of moldy bamboo, sectioned off by a fresh roll of barbed razor wire. One commando is clearing a section of the jungle while two others are using cell phones, possible to inform the command base of the surreal situation.

Are more of these creatures attacking, hence the military commando readiness? Another commando stands at attention, on guard watch duty as if other giant bats may swoop in for the opportunity, while another is in motion to execute a command. The closest commando appears in shock, just looking on and stunned by the unbelievable nightmarish apparition. In the center background, there's a collection of some ghoulish things clinging on a fence post.
New breed: hordes of the dreaded vampire bats know exactly where to bite humans. Unfortunately, the rating of this blog does not allow us to specify more details. In the hot jungle, or new regions with hot climate due to global warming, it's natural to lay there at night, sleeping scantily clad. It's these opportunistic times that bats and infrared heat seeking creatures of the night move in to cut your skin and suck your blood.
"Bats - you either love em or hate em..."

Movie bats for fun
BATS - Global Warming, the Real Story

This is not a movie review. This is real life. The facts are real. It finally happened, as a constant stretch of very hot temperatures lasting over 2 months has caused the birds to disappear, only to be replaced by a number of specific dark flying bats during the subversive bowels of the deepest night. This brings dire questions to bear.

Will global warming change the world in dark subversive ways that no one had ever expected? Will hordes and wildly productive nests of horrendous vampire bats feast on humans in the night as global temperature swells continually spiral upwards?

While it's claimed to eat only fruit, an angry GCB bat could in theory swoop down and carry away human babies and other small animals. However, not all is negative as small bats are your friends, controlling the population of small insects, eating large swarms of malaria disease carrying mosquitoes and consuming other large quantities of nuisance bugs.

However, even small mammal bats can carry the deadly rabies virus and terminally infect humans and wipe out entire food chains of livestock. Global warming - do we really need it?

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