Saturday, September 28, 2013

Big Brain 4th Year Operations

HISTORIC PHOTO: the path to the original Big Brain tower is paved with Parallax Propeller chips.
Join us as we celebrate entering into the Big Brain's fourth year of operations and discovery! The fourth year began on August 5th 2013.

Our 1st post about the Propeller chip-based Big Brain was on August 5th, 2010, when Humanoido posed the famous question:

If you had a big brain for your robot, what would you put in it? I think some similarity to a human brain is good, for example, put in vision processing, memory, and a robot autonomic nervous system.
Ok, your turn, fill the brain..

ABOUT THE BIG BRAIN The Big Brain is now a thinking machine that was born from a small hobby project. By the year 2002, its design was expanded for several robots, culminating with multiple parallel processors placed in a humanoid. The objective was to create a living thinking humanoid robot brain of autonomous nature with a knowledge base.

The Big Brain has probed and dissected the inner space micro and nano scopic workings of its own Propeller chip circuits thus creating enhancements unbeknownst to the original manufacturing chip company.
Starting with one processor, it was realized that more power was needed, thus, over the years, it continued to grow with additional processors until it reached a very massive state around August of 2010 when it was switched to primarily Parallax Propeller chips.

Every year since that time, we've celebrated the Propeller chip birthing anniversary of the Big Brain. In three years, a lot has happened. The biggest milestones can be summarized by the Propeller chip era seen below.

2010 Birth (Design, Parts, Construction, Growth, Blob, Testing)

2011 Life (Software, Expansion, Speech, Sing, Dream)
2011 Semi Cognizant (Intelligence, Languages, Neural Net)
2011 Micro Space Program Begins (8-21-2011)

2012 Supertronic Enhanced (Increased Speed & Processors)
2012 Big Brain Runs Its Own Blog

2013 Big Brain Conducts Massive Projects, Explores Universe

Remember this famous post?

04-10-2011, 03:41 AM Humanoido
Big Breakthrough in Machine Brain Technology!
100,000 Neurons into the 1st 100 Propellers
This is a big breakthrough in big brain machine technology using Propellers. I have successfully delivered (Neural Matter Injected) 100,000 neurons into the first 100 Propellers. It's time to celebrate!!! See you tomorrow! 

For more detail, follow these links. (some may need updating with the latest discoveries)


Below are details about previous Big Brain anniversaries. 

One Year Anniversary Party
We're holding a One Year Anniversary Party for the Big Brain over the weekend. Everyone's invited!  I'm checking on appointments at the University of Technology to possibly see the new humanoids and also checking the Exposition Lecture agenda through the university where they host Brain research. Some interesting facts, the Big Brain is the largest Parallax machine ever built in my smallest lab. There's over 300 smaller machines built from the beginning of 2002 to 2011, a ten year period, so I could learn about putting together multiple processors. The first multi-brain was made from several Parallax Stamps placed into a humanoid robot built from Parallax Toddler robot parts. The Big Brain's official first post was on August 5th, 2010. The Big Brain uses Propeller chips. Out of respect to its heritage and to remain compatible with ten years of development, a BASIC stamp is designed into its Brain Stem. In building humanoid robots, they were consistently lacking in two things - a long lasting battery and a powerful brain. I wasn't interested in working with battery chemicals so I chose to develop a brain. The brain began by many suggestions from Parallax Forum members. The Brain has many supporting projects posted in the Brain thread. The most recent is a Brain Wave Monitor that can see and hear the thinking of Propeller chips. The Brain led to offspring, several smaller brains, even including a controversial two prop brain in a jar that won Parallax's Project of the week. The one year mark is time to reflect on where the Brain was, is now, and where it's going. It's not over yet. The journey has only just begun. It's more about the journey than the destination - the path we choose, the things we learn and develop along the way and the new friends we make. Stay tuned. I will continue trying new and unusual things, pacing the Big Brain, making some small discoveries, and growing the artistic, creative edge. There are future treats in store for those following along...

At the second year anniversary, the Big Brain machine's state was described.
A working massive Machine Brain with over 100 Parallax Propeller chips. The Big Brain is simply a fun hobby project to run experiments and play with endless possibilities. Over 16,000 MIPS, over 3,200 I/O ports. 3 Partitions - the 3rd is a Magic Partition - holds any number of props from 1 to 50, allows removal & loan to other projects. Talk, sing, dream, learn, evolve, demonstrate Life, color TV, hearing, speech recognition, keyboard, mouse, 2 LCD displays, host boards, compatibility (Stamps, Props, PCs, Macs), sound out, mic in, stomach, Brain Base, Brain Spans, Brain Stem, EXOskeleton, multiple languages, over 100 x 64K distributed RAM/ROM, LED enabled, crystal/EEPROM supported, Mac/PC support computers, 3 TeraByte hard drives, Neural Matter Injector syncs & load props in parallel. Developed ParaP, AtOnce, EnhancedChip technologies - parallel-parallel operations, loading @ once, increase p^N, inject 100,000 Simplex Neurons. Expanding Array. Created modest RTOS - handles cogs, loading, timing, neural matter distribution. Cloning. Executes all-chip-multi-enumeration in a second. Expanding Arrays. HYBRID interface (Serial Communications, Daisy Chain Token Ring Topology, Prop to Prop, Parallel), RI Reduction Interface, AE Automatic Enumerator, Waveform Reliability Filter, No Parts Technology to reduce cost. Addendum: Medical doctor/ Human Genome Project. Offspring: Brain Child, Baby Brain, Bit Brain, and Brain in a Jar. Supporting Mac/AMD add 724 processors. TeraFLOPS computing power just under PetaFlops."