Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2 Stamp BSS


You can amplify the power of one Stamp by 2X or more!
Per request, this is the initial wiring of a 2-Stamp BSS using a BS2sx and a BS2px.

The BS2sx and BS2px are two of the most power stamp processors made by Parallax. Their power is unprecedented in the lineup of Basic Stamps. In this example, the BS2sx is from a Parallax BASIC Stamp Super Carrier Board and the BS2px is from a Penguin Robot motherboard. The Penguin board adds additional features - a 7-segment digital display, company, three spare I/O pins (1 free, 2 from disconnected servos), reset pushbutton, IR transmitter, 2 IR receivers, and two CaS light sensors.


The interface is from P0 on the side of the Basic Stamp Super Carrier Board and P5 on the Penguin Bs2px board. The battery supply will now be connected and Vin is joined together along with Vss ground. With the SCB, a small solderless breadboard is added to make the connections. Resistors used for this setup are 1K. Note, the SCB does not have the inline 220 ohm resistors to port side so resistors will be added to any used port, including P0 to P5. The one wire interface is still maintained.

Piezo Speakers
The SCB is wired with its Piezo Speaker on P15. The Bs2px board has its Piezo Speaker on P12. Change code accordingly.

Change the BSS code to reflect Port P5 on the Bs2px side and input for 2 computers. Download the Master and the Worker codes (computer 1 and computer 2) to run simultaneously. Although it's your choice, here the BS2sx is the Master and the BS2px is the Worker.

Two-Stamp BASIC Stamp Supercomputer Summary
The wiring for connecting a BS2sx to a BS2px BASIC Stamp processor - how to amplify the power of one Stamp. This is entirely different from the Minuscule Stamp Supercomputer which uses different BASIC Stamp processors.

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