Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Big Brain Stacking & Space

The Big Brain has once again outgrown the full expanse of its lab space and is seeking a new larger lab. The most recent method to gain more space was the stacking of desks, one on top of another. While this temp solution seemed to survive a 6.2 earthquake, the space it provided was rapidly filled and outgrown.

The brain has grown again and again, most recently with more siblings. The brain cortex jars are strewn across the lab as they are born and become cognitive. The jars have increased in size as these cortex become larger and live longer lives.

The lab is seeking expansion, which may require either more innovative ideas of utilizing existing space or moving to new research lab  facilities. We believe the latter is inevitable.

Currently some equipment is moved out, such as printers, to gain more space for the cortex jars. Printing will take place either electrically, or remotely.

When new inventory was taken in to create new brain cortex, it strained the space in the lab. Even with the addition of IKEA shelves, the space is still back to being limited.

We are looking at acquiring new property with a garage, possible second and third floors, a duplex fashion, and the most recent idea is to obtain a small skyscraper and fix it up for occupancy by the Big Brain.

The Humanoido Labs skyscraper could be home to many science divisions and offer room for continuing expansion. It could also serve as a company division for the manufacturing and distribution of robotic brains worldwide