Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brain Cortex Desiccator Part 24

The jar floor design is curved to strengthen the jar. This forms an ideal shape for creating a jar desiccator. The top plate is bolted to the apex and the plentiful underlying perimeter space stores numerous bags of free desiccant. The jar bottom indentation prevents the bolt from touching or scratching the surface of a table where the jar is setting.
Nearly every large brain cortex in a jar needs a desiccator to prevent or remove moisture from internally forming on the walls when hermetically sealed.

The Desiccator design is completed and makes good use of the existing 3-liter jar floor design. As seen in the photo, the floor is curved in the upward direction with a sagitta of about .75-inch. (In geometry, the sagitta of a circular arc is the distance from the center of the arc to the center of its base.)

A desiccator plate is fabricated from transparent cut into a disk of maximum diameter that will fit through the jar opening. A hole at the center accepts a mounting bolt. Under the plate, bags of free desiccant are distributed.

Free desiccant is obtained in large bags found in large bottles of Centrum (310 count) and other vitamins. Numerous other products include desiccant bags and these work too.

At the plate perimeter is the array of battery holders, mounted flush with the plate. The combination of the battery holders and the plate holds the desiccant in place.

In the updated desiccator plate design, the diameter determines a perimeter that meets the battery holders but does not extend under. The facilitates easy plate removal for changing desiccant without the need to remove the battery holders. 

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