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Brain Cortex Immortality Part 29

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We must free our minds from the containment of its infinitely fragile body containment.

The caveat as humans is that we are delicate, frail and fragile individuals with limitations of body and life. We have very short lives and are largely dependent on small ranges of temperature and pressure. We require a specific mix of breathable air, pure water, and special types of food.

We are susceptible to calamity, like volcanoes, earthquakes, meteor crashes, fire, nuclear and biological weapons, war, major catastrophes like tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, snow blizzards, cold and hypothermia, and other environment extremes. The sun can bake our skin. We need protection from IR, Xrays, Comic Rays, UV rays and other radiation.

We have trauma and suffering from pain, loss of friends and loved ones, injury, accidents, old age decrepitude, terminal illness, and our organs and body wear out resulting in handicapped, and eventual death and we cease to exist. We are dependent on environmental resources such as food and water which could become in short supply and we have huge intellectual limitations. We could easily follow the path of dinosaurs and become extinct at the moment of an asteroid impact.

The goal of humans is to improve ourselves, reduce and eliminate suffering, increase well being, live longer, be healthier, avoid disease, and have a better life.

Solve aging, create cryogenics, grow body replacements, cloning human organs, use human organ transplants from donors, the use of anti-aging and cellular repair, nano technology to repair internal cells and correct defects, 

Transferring the mind, memories, experiences, will save the uniqueness of an individual. If we can save those, it will capture the essence of who we are.

If we can life on Mars and the Moon, some of us can avert extinction from an Earth bound asteroid, for example. We can change our environment and we can change in other ways.

Our information must be preserved. If transferring our information to another location, like Mars, will help preserve information then we have solutions.

If the human mind can be transferred to other vessels, then we have a more viable preservation solution.

Humans may have a biological death, but if they are frozen with the potential to be awoken in the future, they may only seem dead. Living people who have Alzeimer's Disease may have complete loss of memories and data information of experiences and knowledge. They may become the living dead.

We know the importance of backup in the electronic digital world and how it effects the memories of hard drives, computers, cell phones and digital information. So backup should apply to humans as well. Are we not the most important information, the information of life, the information of a lifetime? Is this the most important type of information that we know which requires backup?

The human brain has redundancy of its neurons but this is located in the head. If head or body trauma happens, the redundancy of the brain can be wiped out in a moment.

A collection of neural data, extracted from a human brain and placed in say a computer, can have tests run on it. The data can be simulated and run in a simulation for cause and effect.

Individual slicing of data sets may be obtained for more or less quantity.

Algorithms may be applied to neural data run in simulations and on the neural data inside the machine transfer vessel.

The Lab highly recommends working with non invasive means. Implants, invasive dectectors, invasive power sources, improper resolution, incomplete scans, electrode surgery, leaving components in the brain for a long time, not accessing enough neurons should be avoided.

Nanotechnology, Quantum dots, to access a much larger scale at higher resolution, turn biological signals into something that is easier to scan, High TESLA MRI (20 um), MNT Gear (to put a number of small machines into the brain).

What is the actual data we need to get out of the brain? How do we represent the state of the mind? What are the transition functions that go from one state to another? What are the drivers that change the transition functions as we learn things? It is related to population activity, neuron spike times, or membrane potentials as they travel through morphology of neurons or elsewhere?

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