Thursday, November 28, 2013

Chameleon Machine

Toroid Magnet End-Cap source
Can a machine become a Chameleon, changing its form to fit the desired observation?

The M3T Massive Molecular Mining Telescope has the new Chameleon Machine built in, which enables the telescope to reconfig at will. Just as the Large Hadron Collider can split the atom into its constituent particle components, so too can the Chameleon machine change the observation of observed particles from one state to another. This can take the telescope from moleculars mode to vis energy mode and visa versa during a single imaging session.

The Chameleon Machine can switch its form as desired. This permits a change of config during the observation. Currently this includes complete observations, i.e. the observation in moleculars is completed first before the chameleonic change begins to the next mode.

One aspect that may be studied in the future is the overlay of two chamelionic states to create one symbiosis.