Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Humanoido Labs Skyscraper


We are looking at acquiring and/or designing a Humanoido Labs Skyscraper.

This project has many current ideas, inclusive of new property with a garage, multiple floors, possible duplexing, and possible fix it up potential stats for custom occupancy by the Big Brain. The Big Brain would continue to grow into this space, perhaps endlessly.

The Humanoido Labs skyscraper could be home to many science divisions and offer room for a lifetime of continuing expansion into the Asian Arena where humanoids are most predominant.

It could also serve as a company division for the manufacturing and distribution of robotic brains and science invention worldwide.

The skyscraper would have have a rooftop observatory to supplement the array of powerful space telescopes.

Other divisions and levels could include a home for living, tool room, parts inventory, Big Brain Occupancy, Cybernetics and humanoid room, garage for various land and air vehicles, a business and office area, recreational conditioning room, hydroponics and garden, storage, invention room, work room, meeting room, electronics and optics space, and other stuff...

The roof would contain a telescope observatory and a heli pad for the landing of a small aircraft. It would also serve as the launch pad for various test spacecraft for a space program.

Suitable locations include big city, developed mountain, and area with grocery stores, hospitals, and other amenities within biking and driving distance.

Skyscraper floor 3D model, TuboSquid, GhaithB