Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Observatory Update

The Observatory now includes 12 very advanced cutting edge technology telescopes and has recently added the new powerful M3T. This is the most sophisticated Humanoido Labs observatory ever created in history and has supercomputer control over various incoming data from the spacecraft telescopes. The telescopes are controlled by the Big Brain, a semi cognizant living machine that reached supercomputing status and continues to expand its machine domain to explore the universe and beyond.

In addition to the new era of molecular mining, the lab continues to work a reinstatement of a full fledged remote robotic cyber space telescope that can be utilized from anywhere in the world through web access. This will allow free access to two telescopes placed at opposites on the Earth and accessible 24/7 day and night for observations. Initially observations will include all Messier plus selected objects, a star map computer, digital data base, choice of CCD cameras and at least one helper droid robot.

The observatory has completed an online astronomy magazine of a technical nature for advanced amateurs wishing to explore the universe and space with cutting edge programs and DIY science equipment. The journal is still being tested and is not yet posted online.

The observatory is looking at ways to observe through light pollution in larger cities, has developed a skyscraper rooftop project, and is investigating different Earth-Based machines to facilitate this endeavor.

The arsenal of creative observatory telescopes will continue to increase in power and inventiveness showing more and more clarity, unique detail and new discoveries.

A supercomputer will remain at the focus of these powerful telescopes to help accomplish the controlling and massive function duties.

The observatory will continue to have management under the M3T Telescope Control Center, the large Propeller Powered and controlling Big Brain Supercomputer Control Center, the busy DSC Deep Space Center, the overall global administering Ultra Space Administration, NASA with its loan of space equipment and parts, and Humanoido who brought everything together.