Friday, December 20, 2013

FM Radio Station Part 1 Announcement

Preliminary Radio Station Design
Coming to a station near you!

The Big Brain machine is developing a radio station for programs dealing with Big Brain topics and schedules. Programming detail is yet to be determined as the design of the station is in the works.

It could include the sounds of the local SETI program, downloadable serial sounds for direct reception of Parallax Propeller chip software, special music, details of the powerful telescopes observing schedules at the Humanoido Observatory, Lab schedules and updates, various projects, educational programs, ESL language programs, special weather reports, planet and solar casts, Brain Cortex news, etc.

The science Laboratory station includes a fully electronic radio station transmitter capable of reaching your home if your location is within the range of the electromagnetic signal.

Programming schedules may appear in this blogger ahead of time, and transcripts may be available before or after the broadcasts. There is always the surprise and unannounced broadcast with special information.

It is not determined if the Big Brain machine will narrate all or many of the broadcasts and programs using its machine voice.

The idea for the station was hatched long ago, and now resources are available to make it happen. The location sites of the transmitters are currently undisclosed. Stay tuned for more information.

Web Version
Along with the radio version, a web version radio may appear for those individuals not within the electromagnetic signal range. A static web version could feed text transcripts of various broadcast programs about science and technology.

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