Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brain Cortex Thermometer Hygrometer Install Part 46

The electric unit is a combo thermometer and hygrometer for monitoring temperature and humidity inside the brain cortex jar. In the first experiment, a small high intensity lamp was placed near  the jar in an orientation that would have capacity to charge the inborn solar panel. What was noticed after 5 minutes, the internal temperature rose to an excess of 80 degrees F. and the humidity exceeded 53% RH. To normalize the jar'd environment, the lid was removed. It's not expected that high intensity lamps will often charge the jar brain in close proximity so this is an extreme case and lid removal may not be a frequent requirement.

The rating of the Parallax Propeller chip median of temperature tests is 122 deg. F. according to the Propeller Data Sheet V12, and it's expected the jar would not reach those temperatures in a temperature stable room environment. At maximum chip temperature extremes, it's likely the polymer jar substrate would melt. The polymer jar was chosen over a glass jar due to its light weight, ability to resist impacts, earthquakes, and ease of which components and structures can mount to its surface. Jar specifications may be established at a future date.
It's time to install the electric thermometer and hygrometer monitoring unit to measure the temperature and relative humidity inside the brain cortex jar, making sure the brain is comfortable inside its new home.

The unit is mounted with one half-inch angle bracket, a quarter-inch brass spacer, two washers and a nut.

The hole in the polymer jar is just under the red lid, and is low enough so as not to interfere with its placement.

At the given angle of the jar wall under the lid side, mounting the angle iron here places pressure on the electric unit, keeping it in place, without any mechanical connection.

The bottom of the unit rests on the top of one twin power unit without any fasteners needed. The top of the unit is anchored using a small angle iron that keeps constant pressure on the case (as seen in the photos). Just enough clearance allows the jar lid to screw on tight.

The LCD faceplate is easily read through the transparent three liter jar with ambient light and no back lighting is needed.

The module has a self contained button battery, easily replaced after a year or more of operations. The unit is constantly on.

This unit is a Taiwan battery operated (LR1130) electronic thermometer and hygrometer, part number TH-233B.

It has a temperature range from -50 to +70 degrees Fahrenheit, or -58 to +158 deg. F. The hygrometer ranges from 20% RH to 99% RH. The accuracy is +/- 1.5 deg. C. The unit housing is 75(L) x 65(W) x 13(D) mm. Cost was NT$200.

This unit has a large digital LCD display with a segment font, and is easily read when accessing the home jar interior status from the outside of the jar. The temperature and relative humidity will be read through the trans jar but there is no direct connection to the Brain. The unit is for monitoring purposes only.

Other than a poke hole for changing the Centigrade reading to Fahrenheit, this unit has no controls and runs automatically. For more information, refer to the index/directory in the links below.

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