Thursday, December 12, 2013

OT Over the Top Telescope

If it can be pulled off, the new generation, world changing, OT Over The Top Telescope will have the functions of all previous telescopes combined from the extremely powerful telescope series. This extreme machine would include the telescopes in the list presented below.

The development of science has learned from mistakes made by the computer development era when industry standards were not built in, even from model to model under the same roof of the same manufacturing company. The development of telescopes and machines at Humanoido Laboratories were designed and made compatible with each other. Now at the crossroads of a new overlord machine, the standardization of innovation with combining all technologies is now possible and viable in a very efficient manner.

We designed each telescope to be plug in compatible with the previous, and ones which were initially not compatible were upgraded for compatibility, making the entire line of all 15 telescopes compatible. Compatibility in the Lab and field is referred to as "pipe fitting."

Tools, parts, and add on machines are also compatible, including the set of Monster Machines, controls, boiler face plates, parts and other pipe fittings. Therefore, the OT Over Top telescope can handle the functions of the previous 14 telescopes. Of course, functions will be added to the OT one at a time, and a name change may be incurred as OT is currently a development name.

over the top
1. having gained more than one's goal
2. Bold; beyond normal, expected limits

and introductory blog dates 

Followed by upgrades, the ULT and NULT ended up being renamed and this resulted in blogs with out-of-sync chronology. The ULT was the first extreme power telescope and extreme machine, followed by the even more powerful NULT.

1) ULT - Ultra Large Telescope - March 2012

2) NULT - New Ultra Large Telescope - February 2012

3) GT - Genius Telescope - June 2012

4) PGT - Paradigmic Genius Telescope - September 2012

5) MGT - Molecular Genius Telescope - October 2012

6) PGT-ET - Paradigmic Genius Telescope - March 2013

7) PDT - Power Dynamic Telescope - April 2013

8) GGT - Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope - May 2013

9) SRT - Space Recycler Telescope - May 2013

10) MMT - Molecular Mining Telescope - May 2013 

11) IET - Inference Engine Telescope - May 2013

12) M3T - Massive Molecular Mining Telescope - November 2013

13) ET - Extrapolation Telescope - December 2013

14) IT - Interpolation Telescope - December 2013

15) OT - Over the Top Telescope - December 2013 

Extreme machines include Gravatomic, Molecular, Inference, and Alternate Reality etc. The AAR Machine of May 2013 can see alternate realities. The Gravatomic Machine was pipe fit onto the GGT Telescope to see objects in gravatomic constructs. The Molecular Machine was fit on the MMT to see objects in molecular transformations. The Inference Engine was developed for elements of idea, creativity, vision, innovation, reasoning, interpolation, extrapolation, and running experiments to explore the sixth dimensional element of Imagination Power. In June of 2013, the Procedural Machine was constructed.

Monster Machines

Monster Machine Era

Lab Machine Evolution

Machine Variety

Monster Combo Machine
Monster Combo Machine Anomalous Switch

Extremely Powerful Telescopes Update (Historical)
GGT - Gargantuan Gravatomic Telescope
SRT - Space Recycler Telescope
MMT - Molecular Mining Telescope
IET - Inference Engine Telescope

Pipe Fitting References