Friday, January 10, 2014

Exploring Space

The chart illustrates how the Big Brain Machine and Humanoido Laboratories conduct their own space program. Various levels of space are defined according to their exploration programs and space definitions.

Humanoid robots are adaptable to space
The Big Brain machine has a manned space program and has launched humans into Next and Near Space approximately 40 times.

There is always a risk associated with manned space flight and as the distance from Earth increases, so does the risk.

The robust Micro Space program is relatively safe and used for academic purposes, having launched insects and various instruments into space.

Solar panels can power a tiny outpost in space
Solar System Space and Ultra Space is currently safely explored with the array of very powerful telescopes and Monster Machines.

This includes the newest M3T, IT, ET and OT space omnipresence telescopes that are able to exist in multiple places at the same time.

For example, the large Big Brain supercomputer that controls these telescopes remains on Earth at the Deep Space Center and at the Ultra Space Administration while the space parts and components are at numerous locations in space, called Adjuncts.

Brain in a jar technology
Brain in a Jar technology could keep the space station operating autonomously and evolve to various applications.

Our space program is interested in developing a micro space shuttle and a micro outpost in space. This is an ongoing project that began decades ago.

We've periodically blogged these ideas and worked on evolving the designs. Many of the designs developed, i.e. space telescope, could be integrated into the program. This would take exploration into Solar System Space and create orbital flights. We are reaching the crossroads in space exploration and foresee a new technology breakthrough.

We are at the crossroads of space and time
Conjecturing, we wonder if the next step into space for man will be represented by the human being transformed into a space faring humanoid avatar.

Our solar system space program could be conducted with space stations, shuttles and other space equipment designed for humanoid robots which won't need to breathe air, eat bulky food, drink water, or create waste products as we know it. They will also have a greater range of thermal operations.