Thursday, January 30, 2014

SpaceOne Company

A rocket heading to the stratosphere

A spacefaring partnership has inspired SpaceOne Company, to explore the most exciting levels of space as private industry. NASA wants private industry to step up to the plate and offer systems and flights into space. SpaceOne is already stepping up research, design, testing, and construction of aeronautic  systems to uniquely take humans up into the far reaching depths of space.

Humanoido is the Founder/Owner, CEO and Head of Engineering of SpaceOne Company, a new non-government private industry rocket aerospace program designed to give people the experience of going into space.

Our entire concept of space is unique and will enable unusual aspects of humans going up into space, irregardless of their training, background, or critical resources. We expect to find ways to take human experience into space with affordable constructs and with little or no space experience.

This will allow people to focus on enjoying the trip into space and experiencing its effects. Using our techniques, designs call for a fleet of rockets, a flyable space place, and an outpost in space. Space tourism, flights through Micro Space, Next Space, Near Space and beyond are potential reality.

The first flights are suborbital tests with a large size rocket and reentry to reclaim scientific instruments and reusable parts of the craft for multiple flights. Off the shelf refueled engines provide rapid turn around time for the next succession of flights.

The company is located privately in two countries, with a research facility, a laboratory, and a space flight center for departures into space at each country.

The company is split into three determinant and incremental phased goals, each involving a progression of rockets, instrumentation, electronics, engines, robotics, telemetry, optics, and additional craft development.