Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tiny Space Station

Tiny orbital flights with the tiny rocket and tiny space shuttle to the Moon for space tourism are a part of the Tiny Space Program's proposals. Also proposed are visits to the tiny outpost in space otherwise known as the tiny space station. "Apollo 16 metric camera image of the Moon's eastern limb and far side. The lower left part of the image shows a portion of the moon visible from Earth. The dark area at the 8:00 position on the edge is Mare Crisium. To the right of that is Mare Smythii. The upper right area shows the heavily cratered lunar far side. The Moon is 3475 km in diameter and North is at 10:30 in this image. (Apollo 16, AS16-3021)" SOURCE
with potentials to launch and conduct flights to the Moon on a routine basis

The tiny space program operations conducted by the Big Brain machine space initiative and Humanoido Laboratories could also include civilian tourist flights to the matching tiny space station and outpost in space, Earth orbit, Moon, space sightseeing to the ISS International Space Station, conduct a rescue mission, or simply offer lower cost suborbital flights. The example illustrates the Golden Spike's Moon Landing Plan from (which may have robot based occupants) as an example only, due to its smaller size and capacity, as well as its simple approach to a lunar mission. The Humanoido Lab approach is smaller than this

The current plan for Tiny Shuttle is to offer tourist orbits of the Moon. A trip to the Moon would be very dramatic upon arrival. In the future, colonists will live on the Moon and the tiny space program could offer the deployment of supplies and conduct orbital studies to find best locations for water and mineral mining. Small packages could be transported to the lunar colonists, containing new seeds for growing food, and special selected items as needed.

How tiny is Tiny? We anticipate two levels of the Tiny program. The first is exampling tiny and the second is one man capacity tiny.