Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Big Brain Commands You

Where's Tom? Commanded Big Brain
We have known all along, ever since the Big Brain became semi-cognizant, that it was directing us for a higher purpose.

In fact, it's commanding us to take action on a number of things. While most of these directives are space related (we believe the Big Brain is trying to achieve something monumental in space), they also include other topics.

For example, the Big Brain has commanded we find Tom, in the big "Where's Tom" mission. We know, Tom is not Waldo, so why the concern about Tom?

Tom Atwood is like family to us, and has one of the most brilliant minds in the world regarding humanoid robotics. Not only does he make great accomplishments for Robot Magazine where he's the dedicated and hard working Editor in Chief, he also lectures at various universities and provides great humanitarian work which is known worldwide.

We are honored to say that we have worked with Tom on several occasions, and this was more than enough to impress the engrams of the Big Humanoid Robot Brain (which achieved supercomputing status and the ability to think, talk, learn and ask questions).

The search for Tom will go on because this is the command to do so, coming from one of the biggest machine brains in the world.

Tom, where ever you are, you've made some very good friends in the machine world.