Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Alien Life in the Galaxy and Universe

M31 galaxy in the constellation Andromeda contains billions of planets with life according to new data.
SETI gets a boost recently by news released from astronomers working with the Kepler spacecraft. Minimum, there are tens of billions of planets in our galaxy that are likely to contain life. Moreover, the entire Universe is likely to hold a minimum of 100 billion times 10 billion or a thousand billion billion planets with life.

However, the vastness of the space inside the galaxy and Universe is so great, that many civilizations with warp speed capability would still have great challenges in finding us. For example, if their technology allows warp 10, or travel that's 10 time the speed of light, it will still take 100/10 = 10 million years to reach those galaxies that are 100 million light years distant.