Sunday, November 16, 2014

Humanoido Labs Update

First new robot at the new lab
Humanoido introduced three new international labs in 2014. The recent move to new facilities provides more space and was completed in November of 2014. Work is progressing to refine the setup within each laboratory.

Astro Aeronautics Lab (Intl Taiwan Lab 63 - TAL)
The Astro Aeronautic Laboratory officially opened with its first experiment on Thursday November 13, 2014.
iPhone Pocket Telescope

DeckLab in the Sky (Intl Taiwan Lab 62 - TDL)

November 4th 2014
Rocket Lab (Intl Taiwan Lab 61 - TRL)
 September 24th, 2014

Moving into the new facilities - panoramic view
Rocket Lab is located on the entire second floor. This facility has resources in mechanics, electronics, digital computing, the Big Brain, parts and components, all the Micro Space equipment, inventions, rockets, and a series of working spacecraft. Two large work benches are currently provided for work. The laboratory also includes guest space for scientists.

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