Saturday, January 3, 2015

Space1 In Singapore


Today, Space1 enlists Master Lin Zi Lin 林紫琳 in the capacity of Singapore Advisor to Space1.

林紫琳 can provide unique perspectives into our Singapore expansion. This raises the country count to four, the number of rocketeers to six count, with over 13 roles fulfilled.

We are now expanding Space1 into Singapore. We have a new advisory to Space1 so our team is back up to the original head count we had in 2014. The importance of taking on new international countries is of the unique perspective that can be provided, because the ideas of Space1 are all new and unique concepts and paramount to the future of safety space travel. Many of our team people are study machines, with the highest level of intellectual and creative abilities. As you remember, Bill Gates of Microsoft could only find people in Asia to perform his specialized work. This is similar to the current Space1 Directive. A 2015 January Space1 meeting is planned with Master Lin Zi Lin 林紫琳 from Singapore, to be held in Taiwan.