Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Space1 USA Meeting Space Workshop

Expanding Space1's workshop may look like this

During the winter, Space1 holds periodic international telepresence meetings to establish details of operations in the USA. This allows the organization to stay internationally connected and progressively working together.

The January 10th, 2015, meeting focused on the American Space Workshop. Enter Space1’s largest USA space workshop through the massive giant doors, a gateway to tomorrow!

Space Workshop sports some of the most incredible tall ceilings to house the largest rockets. Inside you’ll find one of the most well equipped "Space1" aerospace industry technology labs, not only housing full size aircraft, and those under construction, but capable of working with many rocket tech materials in multiple scientific fields.

It’s here that complex designs are completed and mechanics built and rebuilt with a massive array of machine tools. The tooling room includes everything needed to work out complex heavy lift rocket designs and move the completions to the launch complex.

This week, Space1’s Aerospace Engineer Randall is rebuilding a powerful engine, part by part, as is necessary to assure safe and reliable unfaltering operations for seasonal performance. Randall is an aeronautical genius - his own human carrying "rocket craft" is called a “rocket plane” by many because of its speed and maneuverability.