Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Man Eating Plant Creatures from Outer Space

DANGER! Don't touch that! Finger loss risk
Perhaps, but today we are pondering the Venus Fly Trap, a plant that can eat raw meat. When did plants on Earth develop the taste for meat and perhaps the desire for flesh of large worms, arachnids and other insects?

Buy these plants at the flower market, but don't buy a big one! (unless you have a friend that can periodically check the belly of the plant if you go missing)

Hungry Venus Fly Trap eats hamburger
The process appears to have happened through evolution, when a specific type of plant could no longer find enough nourishment through the soil and then began to absorb nutrients through its plant body parts.

These plants are small now and take years to grow to maturity, but some bigger varieties inspire the imagination as to what their hefty appetites might consume.

It's interesting to note, during the day, the plants open their mouths to eat, but during the night, the mouths will close so they can sleep. This plant has eight hungry mouths.