Monday, May 18, 2015

Don't Eat Humans

Alien communication radio telescopes now both listen and talk in the new project SETI
You remember the Don't eat me conversation in the previous blogs. Our calling cards sent into outer space on board the Voyager spacecrafts, Pioneer, and Apollo Moon landings were essentially food menus for hungry aliens. A new type of program, Active SETI, attempts to contact and befriend aliens so they can help us defeat hungry aliens.
Potential bad alien flicking the finger

Even the giant radio telescope Arecibo sent a message to M13 globular star cluster with 300,000 stars in 1974 with our address. Potentially this could reach 3.6 million planets and numerous aliens.

Potential good alien
After we blogged this idea, of keeping our calling cards to ourselves and let those those hungry mean aliens lie sleeping wherever they may live, the notion became popular and has appeared in the news many times, about keeping our heads low in silence and our transmitters aimed inwards instead of outwards. Now it's time to introduce a new approach, after Earthlings have stupidly already sent out numerous calling cards and messages to billions of other worlds with our address saying come find us.

Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico sent our address to 300,000 stars
Extremely small indeterminate Alien, size doesn't matter in the Universe
Gaming depiction of a potentially hungry alien
The new approach is to make as many good alien friends as possible, and should the mean aliens arrive to eat us, we will contact our advanced allies for help.

A new division of project SETI is now transmitting instead of receiving, aimed towards the intended billions of stars and planets.

Let's hope these humanly messages reach more friendly aliens than hungry aliens.

Large radio telescopes like the Parks 64-meter Radio Telescope are capable of conducting SETI programs. Active SETI programs require the ability to transmit messages through the antenna and need special transmitters and equipment. The frequencies are at the so-called watering hole, in the centimeter microwave electromagnetic region of the spectrum, which has the best capability to penetrate interstellar dust and gas in the far regions of space.

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