Thursday, May 21, 2015

Time Travel Lab in Taiwan - What it will Study

Time Lab, the brain child of Humanoido, was created on the tiny island of Taiwan. However, there's nothing small about this power think-tank laboratory, working on the cutting edge of time technology.

The lab currently has a design inventory of two time machines, and technology to alter time in various ways.

Time Machine Inventory
* RTM Referential Time Machine 
* Time Pausing Machine

How Time is Altered
* Start time - this condition starts time from a paused time state
* Stop time - a condition where time ceases for physics
* Pause Time - a condition of time temporarily suspended
* Ramp up time - a process of increasing the speed of time
* Deramp time - process of decreasing time
* Fast Time - time runs faster than normal time
* Slow Time - time runs slower than normal time
* Variable Time - time that can change variably

Purposes of Time Lab
* study chronological time
* study physiological time
* study other forms of time 
* study time reversal in the human body
* study and develop methods to reverse biological time
* study the clock of time under varying conditions
* slow down time for a greater space rocket tourist experience
* study the elements of time
* develop paused time
* develop methods of going into the future
* conduct experiments in time
* build various time machines
* test various time machines
* create working time prototypes
* develop a science of time travel
* demonstrate the effects of time 
* demo ways to achieve time modification
* improve time travel machines
* make smaller time travel machines
* showcase time travel machines
* write time travel machine papers 
* popularize time travel
* reiterate time control apps

Time Machine Lab 

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