Monday, August 31, 2015

Space1 Rocket Space Tourism Update

Since moving to the USA, work continues on Space1 facilities, ground breaking, the development of a space rocket transport truck, ongoing clearing of trees, and multiple scheduled site surveys of the remote space port for launching rockets.

NASA Associate Field Tech
A grand site survey will take to the sky in a flyby plane to do a human-based photographic survey of the launch facilities. Ground surveys will also be conducted once location maps to find the launching complex are draw up.

The astronaut ejectables concept is further developed. During apogee, an astronaut who is wearing a special suit resembling Iron Man, is ejected to fly back to Earth under his own
Trees for clearing
power, stealth, like a super hero.

Robin birds are being relocated

Five rockets are ongoing with research, development, constructing and testing, with 15 powerful motors standing by for selection.

The observatory has several designs and the location is now established.

Research for parts to construct the weather station is ongoing.

The rocket lab is being developed more and more every day.

The robotics lab is growing with parts collected.

The electronics lab will have a large parts order to equip many experiments and construction projects.

The grand science building will be renovated to accommodate the labs.

An advanced aeronautical lab is well under way.

The tool shop is being advanced.

Security measures are taken, purchased and being installed.

New designs on the table include property security fencing.

Gun shield bunkers are being considered.

Studies include local weather and humidity patterns that effect launches.