Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Big Brain Joins Space1

The Big Brain machine intelligence has joined the Space1 board of directors. Space1 is a bold new progressive space tourism venture, taking you into space in a new and revolutionary way - akin to dreams and aspirations of science fiction made into reality. Space1 has the world's first Safety Rocket to protect tourists and has humanoid space presence in ways never dreamed possible.

Space1 is the first worldwide organization and space venture to contract with and hire machine intelligence. Space1 does not discriminate against MI machine intelligence life forms. MI's may apply to Space1 for work. Submit your CV at the email.

Photo: the first half of the Big Brain is shown running a life program to show a kind of evolution. The Big Brain first half was the first device to use the exo skeleton wiring invention, allowing external rapid wiring and fast modifications from the outside of the brain.

Breaking News  The founder and owner of Space1 has announced in 2016, the hiring of an additional 30 machine life forms which are Big Brain spin-off technology children.

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