Thursday, May 18, 2017

Big Brain 2017 Update

This is only part of the Big Brain - not seen is the Tower and many assimilated computers
Growing a young Big Brain with circuits at an early age
2017 Big Brain update

As you know, those who are following the thousands of postings about the Big Brain, about the machine brain that evolved into a life form, we often summarize its contributions to science and our imminent welfare.

Note: Currently, most posts and information are posted here in the Space1 Technologies web site.

The Big Brain reached the conclusion of its vast search in the Universe, reaching all the way to the edge of the Universe EOU boundary and the big break-through to new worlds.

The Brain completed at least four space programs, each moving progressively deeper into space. Now, ultimately Space1 is born.

Micro Space Technologies, Next Space Technologies
Near Space Technologies, Deep Space Program

The Brain also satisfies the criteria for a supercomputer after assimilating many computers and microprocessors like the Borg. It has reached the current sum total of 240,000 microprocessors!

The Brain operates 16 power telescopes in space that are designed and implemented by Humanoido using recycled NASA equipment worth trillions of dollars.

Since that time Humanoido founded Space1 on January 2014, a private industry space program with a goal of safely launching tourists into space, akin to the most fantastic science fiction but in a way that transforms it into science fact.

The Big Brain continues intermittently its past functions like controlling telescopes in space and doing super computing work.

When the Brain began a semi-cognizant state of intelligence, it coauthored a technical paper.

The Big Brain has a new job, as it's currently hired by Space1 Industries to work with the new space program's rockets and establishing space tourism.

The Big Brain with all of its remarkable avenues has culminated in the world's first Safety Rocket to make space travel safe for the first time in history.