Monday, January 3, 2011

Boards on Boards

01-03-2011, 01:37 PM Code 5-96 BOARDS ON BOARDS
This is the board attachment phase

Boards on boards simply refer to the mounting of secondary boards on the PPPBs. This is a small solderless breadboard (SBB) for wiring the components for data transfer (various BUS), data lights, power rail, power connection, and any additional circuits. It's also useful for rapidly changing and morphing the wiring and to run various test circuits. The board is extremely small and is very minimal in its propagation of EMI/ RFI and can be situated close to the Propeller chips' pin array - another useful minimization. This may or may not allow overclocking, future tests will determine the viability of overclocking. Currently the boards handle 80MHz and 20MIPs per cog.

Although there are 20 PPPBs, only 19 will receive the SBB. This is because the PPPB in the Brain Stem is a hybrid which must interface to a BASIC Stamp and already has a tiny SBB made up of 7 total pin connector arrays. It may take some time to attach all SBBs. They are attached directly beneath the PPPBs label "PropClip" and "Keyboard." Note the hybrid PPPB already has the expansion kit installed for attaching keyboard, VGA, and mouse, so in the remaining boards this position is available for adding SBB real estate.

SBBs are attached with large pieces of rolled plastic boxing tape. SBBs can be reposition, relocated, and removed at any time. The adherence may last for years, depending on environment and tape qualities.