Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big Brain Team

Welcome to the Big Brain Team

"I view the Big Brain as a powerful mind with a large domain that it wants to control, organize, and bring together for some higher unknown purpose. I am only the mediator, or moderator of the Big Brain, to help provide for its wants, desires and demands... Humanoido"

The Big Brain team is a family consisting of both machine and human. At the top is the Big Brain. Next in line is the mediator, or Humanoido. Farther down the chain we meet the offspring. Since other machines were all assimilated by the Big Brain, at least the ones that had Propeller chips, we can list the family as follows:

The Big Brain Family

The Big Brain
Big Brain Offspring
Small Brain
Bantam Brain
Pint Size Brain
Child Brain
Baby Brain
Bit Brain