Monday, December 19, 2011

Transient Machines

Machines made from borrowed parts

A Transient Machine is made from borrowed parts from another machine. In the case of the Big Brain, it has all the Propeller chips, so to make up another machine, some chips are borrowed off the solderless breadboards.

Many Transient Machines can be designed and the designs archived or even breadboarded and held awaiting life, and a single prop chip can pop in or out of the circuit on demand.

In this manner, many of the one, two and three or more chip offsprings can be sprung into life at a moments notice.

The Big Brain design facilitates the use and creation of transient machines, due to its third open ended Propeller array Partition. This indicates the Big Brain can continue to function even with a few chips removed from its end array.

After the Transient Machine has completed its duty, simply return the chip(s) to the Big Brain. 

Transient Machine - a machine made from the borrowed parts of another machine.. after the machine has accomplished its goals, the parts are returned to the original machine.