Saturday, December 17, 2011

UST Ultra Small Telescope?

Is small better than big?

The Big Brain postulates an interesting idea today. As work has proceeded (tests, model construction, observations, programs, experiments) towards the investigation, design and study of a larger telescope (the ULT), the Brain is now studying the converse, that of an Ultra Small Telescope (UST).

Can huge amounts of power be derived and achieved with smaller devices? Can a smaller telescope be made to outperform the largest? If the small telescope has the ultimate in surface formation and the images are of far superior clarity to larger models, can it outperform the larger unit? What techniques can be employed to facilitate this objective? How can the light gathering issue be addressed?

Perhaps there are advantages that are overlooked to having an Ultra Small Telescope UST. Some immediate gains are listed.

Gains of a Smaller Telescope
01) Light weight
02) Amplification of light gathering power by Charged Coupled Devices
03) Superior guiding and tracking
04) Best transport portability
05) Best location
06) Best mounting ability
07) Fastest setup time
08) More convenient to use
09) Superior optics
10) Superior atmospheric cell penetration
11) Superior handling ability
12) Less budget requirement
13) Shorter time to construct
14) Fastest disassembly time
15) More easy to make robotic
16) Faster thermal settling
17) Faster response to thermodynamic changes
18) Easier to store
19) Easier to maintain
20) Lighter when lifting
21) Smaller and diminuative
22) Capable of 10X enhancements
23) Next Generation Enhancement NGE Ready
24) Mountable inside small transport vehicles
25) Both ULT and Big Brain can run off a car battery

Other considerations. How small is an Ultra Small Telescope?
What is the diameter and physical size range of a UST?
What type of UST best serves Big Brain purposes?
How to surpass the 1.22(Lamda)/D res barrier?
What are the gains on light gathering enhancement?
How will the Big Brain control the UST telescope?
What are Big Brain objectives for a UST?