Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Locative Driver Device

The Locative Driver Device LDD is the latest enhancement to the existing number of Synthetic Telescopes enabling larger diameters to be created resulting in greater resolutions. The LDD function locks in available Adjuncts, their positions in space and time, and enables space time most suitable. LDD adds to the series of available Synthetic Telescope enhancements.

Synthetic Telescope Enhancements
* LDD Locative Driver Device (Positioning)
* UP Universe Penetrator (Enhancement, DS Penetration)
* ACC Accumulator (Summation)
* AA1,2,3... Adjunctive Array (Device)

The given amount of enhancements for each device is static or variable..

Amount of Enhancement
AA1, 1X: 24-meter static
AA2,3,4: 10X - 100X as announced
UP: 10X static
ACC: 10X - 100X variable
LDD: 10X - 100X variable

Enhancements follow multiplicative mathematical properties. Example is AA1x10XUPx100xACCx100xLDD=2,400,000m

List of Synthetic Aperture Telescopes - Earth Based

List of Synthetic Aperture Telescopes - Space Based
945" (10X UP Built In)
9,450 (100X)
94,500 (1,000X)
945,000 (10,000X)
Note: variations of these Synthetic Apertures exist
10X 945-Inch, 24-Meter, ULT Ultra Large Telescope
100X 9,450-inch, 240-meter ET Extreme Telescope
1,000X 94,500-inch, 2,400-meter HT Hercules Telescope
10,000X 945,000-inch, 24,000-meter ST Super Telescope
100,000X 9,450,000-inch 240,000-meter CT Colossus Telescope
NWT New World Telescope (current design)