Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Static Humanoido Labs

More Humanoido Labs! The recent development of the Static Laboratory, which is ground based and located inside a tall high rise skyscraper in the heart of the big city (population of about 8 million according to the GeoNames geographical database), includes the opening up of new space and capabilities.

This adds to the current developed space with an office area, computer center, Big Brain eye development and research center, micro sized libraries, and small electronics parts inventory sections. This includes the Deep Space Center, Ultra Space Administration and the new GT Telescope Control Center.

Loft in Full Operation
New work has opened up full functionality of the loft which is serving up parts inventory. 

Lower Level Expansion Room
The new LL lower level expansion room is now being opened up which will include a larger library, electronics lab with instrumentation area, a full cybernetics lab with mechanics and robotics area along with an inventory of humanoid robots, an astronomical telescope center with numerous telescopes and other distributed parts of the Big Brain. 

Scientific Library
The library is primarily scientific, with sections for science, computer programming, electronics, chip technology, robotics, science fiction, and languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog). 

Other Labs Supplements
The Static Lab will supplement the Mobile Humanoido Lab and the Humanoido Cyber Lab located online, previously discussed. The lab also includes the second floor loft and permission to fully utilize the top roof of the tall skyscraper! The RL Roof Lab is where telescopes are set up, observation tests are conducted, altitude and aerial experiments are made, and recently the rare Transit of Venus was observed.