Monday, August 27, 2012

August Update

The blog that updates various activities and projects

The Lab
Moving has destroyed the ultimate organization and the fabric of a perfect and efficient layout. Now it's time to start all over again. The new lab is still being organized. The inventory is in disarray (though now centrally located and ready for sorting) and needs management before more projects can more effectively undergo construction. Some lab furniture is still on the list, particularly the lab bench shelf that goes up on the top rear of the bench to hold test equipment, parts and books.

A division is started to increase language ability for the programming of humanoid robots to more effectively speak more languages. Learning new languages is always a time consuming project so this will be ongoing.

Web Site
Work in continuing on the new web site to supplement the blog site, so a place to feed a wide variety of large files and topics will be possible.

Work is in effect to create and continue logging the Lab's own Wiki of information and to expand the effort to ensure its survival.

A new backup program is initiated, to archive more important files, images, designs, information.

ITB is still in effect - In the Brain is where schematics are not drawn on paper or on the computer but rather committed to memory where there is no hard drive crash.

A drive to increase the level of software development is in effect. The Exemplification Program is a drive to create a number of sampling programs to demonstrate working systems. As always, this includes software cleanup and preparation before being released.

Work in continuing on publishing and promoting, in terms of posts, blogs, etc.

Movie Making
Work begins on a new movie.

Big Brain
New Big Brain ideas are in the works. One idea already underway is the affordable robot brain, with fewer cores and less cost but with great capability.

Work is progressing with education programs. The design school is for learning a multi-dimensional drawing program. Another school being set up is for Advanced Tissue Engineering Polymeric Materials Techniques which will be used in two programs: 1- the Life Longevity Program and 2 - the Humanoid Robot Program. The artificial skin developed has uses for human burn victims and those requiring skin grafts and for various cosmetic reason. For humanoids, artificial skin will enable a humanoid to more effectively interact in the human world. Also heavily studied is the human brain and how it can be applied in the machine world in terms of techniques and algorithmic derivations.

The intermixing of human and machine is already underway. The effects and elements of one will be mixed with the other. The machine is already applied to a human with incredible results.

Spin off Venues
The Lab continues to develop spin offs and these will be pursued.

Numerous studies are ongoing, i.e. human and machine, super computing, life longevity, artificial parts and organs for humans and machines, medical technology for brains and physiology, machines inside machines and their new uses, physics studies like the use and propagation of harmonizing effects for transporting MIMs, skin and organ regeneration, and a host of other activities under study. A study of patterns is being applied to various programs. Through patterns, the world effects can be defined in better and more efficient ways.