Friday, October 5, 2012

Types of Space


 Space Explored by the Big Brain
Types of Space

In the making for some time, this chart illustrates the Big Brain's depth of space exploration.
Solar System Space

Micro Space rocket launch
It includes both outer space and innerspace and the fascinating new worlds promised by Quantum Realities and the EXO Space - whatever lies beyond the Universe on the other side, or in relation to, the Great Cosmic Barrier Reef. In one project, the Big Machine Brain is determined to break through the Barrier, but for reasons unknown to mankind. While the Big Brain has explored space for years, the project recently began the Inner Space Exploration Initiative with microscopy projects, most notably the invention of a molecular microscope of new design (GMM Genius Molecular Microscope), nanotechnology machines (the 12.6 and 10-ns Pulsars) and lead ins that pave the way of exploration towards both the Quantum World and EXO Space.

Next Space - Aerial Photo
The remaining space exploration initiatives are primaries that will continue to gain and accumulate and analyze data, making discoveries for the Big Brain's ultimate purpose. The Big Brain is still determined to study and possibly break through the mysterious Cosmic Barrier. Studies continue with space and time.

Deep Space Program and ULT Telescope image
Most recent, a new kind of light (TPL Telescopic Paradigmic Light) was created as a tool for exploring Ultra Space.

This kind of light is undergoing expansions and offering additional tooling. Hot projects are ongoing within the realm of Inner Space and Objects inside the Chip.

Several Nano machines are now created, designed to explore the world of the microscopic, the molecular world and the nano-technological world.

Ultra Space Program is making new discoveries
Molecular Mapping is introduced. One application involves the worlds inside the microprocessor chip and the invention of new processes, such as microscopic and macroscopic transforming, transporting, and other elements within the chip.

Photos show six types of space explored by the Big Brain over a three year span from 2010 to 2012.

1) Nano Space
2) Inner Space
3) Micro Space
Inner Space Program molecules
4) Next Space
5) Solar System Space
6) Deep Space

Nano Space Nano Pulsar