Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chinese Shipping Caveat

Let this be a warning about some Mainland Chinese shipping services that drop packages from a height of perhaps eight feet or more and are thrown around. We've had numerous items broken, stolen, end up missing, and heavy duty shipping containers ripped apart and broken.

PHOTOS illustrate typical appearances of numerous boxes and their conditions similar to our boxes when they arrived.

Several boxes were delivered with their sides ripped wide open and the parts were literally falling out leaving a trail. This is totally ridiculous.

No one at the shipping department or in transit delivery had the common sense to put a piece of tape on the side of the box. They were not willing to take the time or afford a 2 cent piece of tape.

But the shipping service was certainly expensive enough. It's no wonder people say that companies are pulling out of China as fast as they are moving in.

The recent disappointment was the condition of the well packed 4DSC super machine when it arrived. The servo horns were torn in half!

Imagine the force it would take to do that! The machine was repairable however, as we had several extra servo horns as replacements. Of course now our inventory of servo horns is depleted and we need to make new orders for parts.