Sunday, October 13, 2013

International Humanoido Labs Revisited

READ these historical archives recently discovered that takes us back to 2006, which is seven years ago, when HRL Lab was established internationally.

27 Dec 2006  Welcome to my new Humanoid Robotics Laboratory! I've established an all new humanoid robotics base located in the Asian Arena. It's here that humanoid robots are rapidly developing. It's where technology is amazing, parts sources abundant, knowledge is readily available, and it seems that every major company has or is developing its own humanoid robot. It's where it only takes a hop skip and jump to traverse from Japan/ China/ Taiwan/ Korea/ Singapore - all major players in the humanoid robotics world.

The new Humanoid Robotics Laboratory is progressing rapidly. Today we procured our IBM computers and categorized the following Laboratory divisions:

    •    CAD/CAM
    •    Microcontroller Design
    •    Digital Logic Design
    •    Printed Circuit Board Design & Manufacturing
    •    Real Time Motion Control
    •    Blue Tooth Management
    •    Inventing New Robotics Core Language
    •    Inventing new Humanoid Graphics User Interface
    •    Programming & compiling Microsoft VB
    •    Additional Language Platforms - C++ Ext etc
    •    Multi-Hardware Support
    •    Enormous Database Management (EDM Project)
    •    Real Time Humanoid Life Module (HLM)
    •    Massive Knowledge Elicitator (MKE)
    •    Real Time Vision System
    •    Electronic Speech Synthesizer Multiple Language Processor
    •    Electronic Speech Recognition Unit Driver
    •    TTS Processor Interface RT Linkage
    •    Changes were made to the Universal Translator project
    •    Several new hardware devices were added to R&D
    •    These include
    •    TTS Board (Text To Speech Processor)
    •    Optical Vision Lock On and Tracking System
    •    Color Differentiator
    •    Ultrasonic Imager and Ranger

Other Recent Developments

    •    Electronic Phoneme Generator Speech Synthesizer board system

    •    Several new microcontrollers are up and running
    •    New humanoid is assembled and in the zero calibration phase
    •    Software is being installed into the main IBM computer
    •    Wireless router established for a multiple computer environment
    •    Testing & Development completed several projects
    •    Behavior routines are under development
    •    A motion control library has been established
    •    Apple Macintosh computers: delegated
    •    IBM computers: assigned

That's enough for now. I plan to report next time on more actual humanoid robots built and their results.